EtsyBABY June 2012 - Sales and Promotions

Who can join?

EtsyBABY is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Approval to the team can take up to 3 business days

Applicants should have products that are "Baby" related. (Baby, Toddler, Maternity Apparel &/or Accessories, Gifts for the Parents-To-Be or Baby Shower related items)

Applicants MUST be an ACTIVE seller on Etsy for at least 30 days and must have at LEAST 5 sales prior to applying for membership.

Members must participate in Team Promotions at least 2x a year. We usually have 1 event a month. Examples of team promotions are holiday sales events, baby showers and team creative challenges.

Members are greatly encouraged to share a link to any newly listed item on our team thread on Etsy.

EtsyBABY© Membership dues of $25.00 must be paid AFTER your shop is approved. You will receive an e-mail with a link to our PayPal Information. This is an annual fee.

*******Why Does EtsyBABY© Charge Dues?******

EtsyBABY© has it's own web site that hosts the team directory. We also provide a secure private forum to have business discussions and promotional sign ups. EtsyBABY uses the funds to help with costs of development, operations, management and events planning in addition to promotional advertising.
When you have been approved for membership details of how to make this payment will be provided to you. After payment has been received, your shop will be ACTIVATED as part of the EtsyBABY© team. (please allow up to 5 days for activation)

You will receive a WELCOME letter via e-mail along with instructions on how to become an active team member. You will have access to our PRIVATE forum, where sign ups for all our promotional events take place.

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Original Post

To celebrate my daughters' birthdays, we are having a sale! Thursday, June 21st through Wednesday, July 4th enjoy 15% off your order! Use code CLAREBDAY at checkout.

Facebook fans will get a free gift! Check out my page at for more details.

(sorry, I couldn't find a thread for June so I started one)

Posted at 8:43am Jun 21, 2012 EDT