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In addition you will want to create team treasuries, click and comment on treasuries that team mates are in, blog about team mates’ shops, place the team logo in extra listing’s picture slots, Add photos to the teams Flickr pool. In other words, be active. Above all volunteer and become involved.

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Original Post

Sirocco says

If you find a listing that strikes your fancy, promote it here. Let us all see what you have found. The listing need not be from this team. If you have a new listing of your own or just want to promote one of your older listings, post it here. Call it shameless self promotion! We want to see what you have.

Posted at 6:28 pm Jan 26, 2011 EST


Sirocco says

I will start off this topic with a listing that strikes my fancy. It is listed by jewerlybyjane29. I like the way the necklace tapers.

Posted at 6:40 pm Jan 26, 2011 EST

Sirocco says

Nice work janjat.

Posted at 8:37 pm Jan 30, 2011 EST

lindab142 says

Paul, those are nice red earrings

Item of the Day - Chunky Turquoise Porcelain Bracelet set Now $17 was $23

Please show some love to my new items

Hooty Gemstone Owl

Matching Earrings

Posted at 6:57 am Jan 31, 2011 EST

Sirocco says

Linda, I love your item of the day. I took a spin around your shop. Very well kept shop. These earrings caught my eye:

Posted at 8:58 am Jan 31, 2011 EST

Sirocco says

Last night I listed an inexpensive pair of earrings and with in seconds (yes seconds) the earrings were hearted. Things may be looking up.


Posted at 11:14 am Jan 31, 2011 EST

lindab142 says

Thanks, Paul. I wish they would catch someone else's eye and need to go home with them.

New blue glass bracelet

Posted at 9:55 pm Jan 31, 2011 EST

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