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Original Post

Hi all!!!
I'm Becky, I'm a stay at home working at home working at home mom to 4 wonderful kids, I have a great hubby, very blessed they all support this massive yarn obsession of mine lol. :) I've recently started writing out my patterns and started selling them:
This is my newest pattern:
Super Comfy Cozy Crochet Slippers!!

here is the link to the rest of my patterns:

For my free patterns:
check out
I look forward to getting to know you all!! :)

Posted at 11:51 am Mar 8, 2012 EST


Welcome, Becky!
Be sure to check out our monthly promo thread--I keep that public for non-members to see, since it's hard to promote crochet to fellow crocheters. (Hard, but not impossible!)
And if you feel chatty, we have a montly chat thread, kept private for our eyes only.

Posted at 7:35 am Mar 9, 2012 EST

Welcome! You have a cool shop!

Posted at 11:16 am Mar 10, 2012 EST

Hi Everybody, I am new to the team too

I mostly make weird crocheted stuff, and have recently started writing down what I do so I can sell patterns, and sold my first just yesterday! Woohoo :D
Although I must admit I'm usually too absorbed in the process to remember writing down-I tried the other night but ended up pulling an all-nighter instead and ending up with a fabulous freeform sweater dress which I will be listing just as soon as I can find someone to model it and the sun comes out again!!!

Looking forward to making some lovely new like-minded yarnaholic friends

Posted at 10:55 am Jun 9, 2012 EDT

I am a little new - I've been mostly lurking for a few weeks and I'm very excited to be in a team. I'm thinking of starting to sell my patterns, but I'm concerned about it at the same time, because I've never written a pattern for someone else and I'm not sure my argleblargle will make sense to anyone other than me.
Does anyone want to test my patterns?

Posted at 3:42 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

Lianne, welcome to the team, I had to show my daughter your shop, I got a chuckle out of the name!

Tabitha, I found writing the patterns wasn't too difficult, especially since I'd seen so many before I decided to try my hand at it. It is good to get a tester, even now, I love having others test, because I've sometimes omitted something, or maybe something could be a little clearer.
If you'd like, you can start a thread 'Looking for Testers', you might catch more attention that way.

Posted at 7:02 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

Thanks Sally- I just discovered the new 'about page' today and was trying to get across a kind of explanation of where the name came from.
I found a thread a few weeks ago called 'you named it what?' and lost several hours reading through people's fascinating stories of how they came up with their shop names. Probably doesn't make much sense to other people that I am inspired by a bombproof chicken but it's true LOL!

Tabitha-I know what you mean, when something comes so easily it's weird trying to write it down!
I am in a pattern testers team but nobody has taken me up on testing out my vine scarf pattern yet, and now I've sold my first one so I hope it's OK!

Posted at 9:10 pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

Just a quick welcome to all new members. :)

Posted at 11:18 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

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