Homefront Team Show me your INSPIRATIONAL stuff!!!

Who can join?

Homefront Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

**We are currently restructuring our team, it may take additional time for your membership to be reviewed.

Homefront Team is a moderated team with the following membership requirements:

Application requirements:
1. To apply for membership shop owners must be connected to the US Armed Forces in at least one of the following ways: military spouse, active duty, veteran, or retiree of the US Armed Forces.

2. At the time of application your shop must be in an active status with a completed profile, shop banner and a minimum of 10 items listed in your shop.
3. A completed membership application should be submitted. Please insure all questions are filled out.

Requirements for maintaining membership with the Homefront Team:

1. New team members are asked to stop by our weekly thread and introduce themselves. Please provide a little about yourself and your shop. Your introduction should be posted within thirty days of joining the team.

2. Team members must check in on our monthly thread with all shops and update information requested. . If you don’t check in for 3 consecutive months, your shop will be removed from the team. You can re-apply at any time. If you know in advance you that you won’t able to check in just let us know. You can post a message to the check in thread or contact the team captain.

3. You will need to provide an email address for our team updates and events information.

4. We encourage you to use the team tag "homefrontteam" in your item listings so that our fans and team members can easily find you when shopping and building treasuries. We recommend at least half of your listings use the team tag. You should have your items tagged within two weeks. Using the team tag helps with team promotions.

5. New members will be sent a volunteer sign up sheet. You will be asked to sign up to help out with one of our on-going promotion activities; this is a great way to get to know the team, team shops and their owners.

6. To be included in team activities and promotions you must be an active member of the team.

We encourage members to be involved in all team activities and discussion threads. However, we also understand that you may have to choose one or two projects to be involved in. There is so much to get out of being a Homefront Team member. The more involved you are the more positive an experience you will have.

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Original Post

Mandy says

Hey folks, I know a lot of you make inspirational and motivational items... so in light of this month's treasury challenge, favorite quotes, how about showing off the items in your shop that have an inspirational or motivational theme?

Posted at 1:25pm Mar 4, 2012 EST


Terri O'Connell says
Edited on Mar 5, 2012

Just want to introduce myself! I am a new member and make support the troops jewelry! Here is one of my pieces!


Posted at 11:21am Mar 5, 2012 EST

Hello Jennifer! So glad to see you posting right away.

Posted at 12:45pm Mar 5, 2012 EST

1/2 my shop is military lol. but here's a non-military one lol

Posted at 12:44am Mar 7, 2012 EST

Mandy says

These are all awesome! Loving it!

Posted at 11:21am Mar 7, 2012 EST