Natural Kids Thanks for the Welcome!

Who can join?

Natural Kids is a moderated team with the following requirements:

***Membership is currently on hold, we hope to accept new members as usual in January. ***
Due to a limited amount of enrollment space, new members are accepted 4 times a year;
Spring - April
Summer - July
Autumn - Oct
Winter - Jan

Members must meet ALL membership requirements and be active SELLERS on Etsy or on Own website to be considered. Product and picture quality will also be considered.

Team requirements:
1. You must be an active Seller for at least 3 months with 10 sales and positive feedbacks from items you sold.

2. You must have at least 70% of your stores' inventory that is active handmade kids/baby listings and then add that 20% of that could be patterns and kits for kid items? . This includes open-ended toys, ecological clothing, cloth diapers, and other items that are integral to natural parenting and are consciously sourced from natural materials.

3. Every item listed for sale must give a detail list of all supplies. 80% of each kid’s item must be made of natural materials ie. biodegrade completely). Natural materials include cotton, wool, silk, soy fibers,
But we do not allow:
Recycled fibers unless the are natural
Poly fill

4. No copy right material is allowed to be used unless you have permission from the owner.

5. You must have 100% positive Seller feedback. (If you don't have 100% but still want to apply we will look at each shop on a case by case situation)

6. A professional appearance of your shop or website is expected. For Etsy this includes having a banner and avatar, a completed profile, and completed shop policies. As well as, product and picture quality will need a professional appearance.

7. Members must actively participate once a month in promoting the team and team mates. Participation in other areas is also very strongly encouraged - participate in treasuries/team promotional threads/blog posting etc.

8. Items sold for children should be properly noted for safety hazards and comply with the laws of your country and with the laws of the CPSIA if you sell in the US.

9. As of Sept. 2013 a $24 Yearly Team Dues are required for membership and prorated to when you join. This covers the cost of our team website, etc.


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Original Post

Thanks for the welcome Beccijo! My name is Becca and I have a shop called MamaWestWind where I sell Waldorf style gnomes & ornaments.

"Chocolate Eyes" is where I blog about our lives, my children, homeschooling, my shop, etc. Please come by and visit.

I recently did an interview & giveaway on Earthmama101 blog where I talk more about my background and how my shop came about.

And here's my MamaWestWind facebook page.

I'm thrilled to be apart of the team and can't wait to get to know you all!

Posted at 11:10am Mar 23, 2012 EDT


Welcome Becca! I'm a sewist at Gypsy Forest Handmade & I blog by the smae name : I'm headed to read your interview to get to know you a bit.


Posted at 9:08am Mar 24, 2012 EDT

Andrea from ziezoDesigns says
Edited on Mar 24, 2012

Hi Becca, welcome to the team. I can no longer claim that I'm a newbie now that we welcome you and others in the team.

I love your blog and am quite excited to have you in the team.


Posted at 1:05pm Mar 24, 2012 EDT

You know i"m already a follower of your blog and Facebook, Becca. :) So glad to have you on the team!!

Posted at 9:18am Mar 25, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the warm welcome ladies!

Posted at 2:39pm Mar 25, 2012 EDT

Welcome, Becca!

Posted at 2:34am Apr 13, 2012 EDT