Natural Kids Google search engine question

Who can join?

Natural Kids is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Due to a limited amount of enrollment space, new members are accepted 4 times a year;
Spring - April
Summer - July
Autumn - Oct
Winter - Jan

Members must meet ALL membership requirements and be active SELLERS on Etsy or on Own website to be considered. Product and picture quality will also be considered.

Team requirements:
1. You must be an active Seller for at least 3 months with 10 sales and positive feedbacks from items you sold.

2. You must have at least 70% of your stores' inventory that is active handmade kids/baby listings and then add that 20% of that could be patterns and kits for kid items? . This includes open-ended toys, ecological clothing, cloth diapers, and other items that are integral to natural parenting and are consciously sourced from natural materials.

3. Every item listed for sale must give a detail list of all supplies. 80% of each kid’s item must be made of natural materials ie. biodegrade completely). Natural materials include cotton, wool, silk, soy fibers,
But we do not allow:
Recycled fibers unless the are natural
Poly fill

4. No copy right material is allowed to be used unless you have permission from the owner.

5. You must have 100% positive Seller feedback. (If you don't have 100% but still want to apply we will look at each shop on a case by case situation)

6. A professional appearance of your shop or website is expected. For Etsy this includes having a banner and avatar, a completed profile, and completed shop policies. As well as, product and picture quality will need a professional appearance.

7. Members must actively participate once a month in promoting the team and team mates. Participation in other areas is also very strongly encouraged - participate in treasuries/team promotional threads/blog posting etc.

8. Items sold for children should be properly noted for safety hazards and comply with the laws of your country and with the laws of the CPSIA if you sell in the US.

9. As of Sept. 2013 a $24 Yearly Team Dues are required for membership and prorated to when you join. This covers the cost of our team website, etc.


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Original Post

I get an email every day saying no items were inserted into the google search. I have been getting these for a while now but I was sure I set everything up fine back when I set it all up. It worked great until a few months ago and I started getting this email every day now. Does anyone know what's going on or what I need to do?

Posted at 6:33 pm Aug 31, 2011 EDT


Yes, that's exactly what's been going on. So I deleted my file, but doesn't that mean that none of my items will go to google search now? Maybe I shouldn't have deleted it? That whole things has always just confused the heck out of me.

Posted at 1:15 am Sep 1, 2011 EDT

MuddyFeet says

My understanding is that Etsy automatically submits our items now. Google used to have it so that each merchant shop had to do it, but that changed a while back. I really don't know all the details, just that at some point Etsy rolled it out to shops and there was a lot of discussion in the forums and it was kind of exciting doing product searches to see if I turned up, LOL!

I would give it a bit of time and see if you notice a change in views at all. You could also just do some general internet searches and see what turns up - maybe you will find some links to the old forum posts?

Posted at 2:01 pm Sep 1, 2011 EDT

Ahh OK, that makes sense. I have heard a few times about deleting the google base thing, but I never knew why or what it meant. If Etsy is just uploading our stuff for us, than it makes sense now.

My views have taken a nose dive ever since Etsy went to the new SEO for Best Match rather than Newly Listed. However, I have been getting tons of custom order requests since they did that. I don't know why but it has certainly increased. Overall sales seem to have dropped a bit though.

According to my Etsy shop stats I'm getting views from google, but when I search for my items I don't see a whole lot. I'm not quite sure how people are finding me now, but somehow they are. Though I'm getting less views than I used to, people seem to be staying longer and looking at more pages, so I guess that's good at least!

Posted at 5:00 pm Sep 1, 2011 EDT

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