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Old Farmhouse Gathering is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Old Farmhouse Gathering is a moderated team with the following requirements:

All applicants will go through a jury process before acceptance. You must have at least 12 items listed in your shop. The majority of the items in your shop must be hand-crafted primarily in primitive, folk art, cottage and whimsical style. Handcrafted items include finished products made by you from an original pattern or a pattern designed by another artist, original patterns that have been designed by you and/or supplies that you are the original designer of. You may include vintage items or supplies, but these must make up less than 50% of the total. (NOTE: This is for new shop applicants ONLY.) Secondary shops are not required to contain hand-crafted items.

Please bear in mind that if any title, tag and/or description is in violation of copyright or trademark laws, we will ask that you remove them prior to acceptance into membership into the OFG team. If, however, you are licensed to make items directly from the copyright or trademark holder, please provide evidence at time of application.

Etsy does not allow any shop owner to be redirected to another selling venue to purchase the same items as listed in your Etsy shop, i.e., Facebook, blog, personal website, etc. This may constitute fee avoidance. If you have included any information on your shop’s About page, Policy page, or any other page of your Etsy shop, in regards to other selling venues, we will ask that you remove that information prior to membership with the Old Farmhouse Gathering team.

We do expect all members to participate on a minimal level, at least once a month. We are all here to help one another and to help promote the Team. Participation is any activity where you engage with the group for the promotion of our shops including, but not limited to, treasuries, blog posts, Facebook posts, twitter, etc.

While we encourage all discussions about Etsy and related subjects, discussions which create controversy will be strictly disallowed. No 'flaming' of any kind, regarding other artists, products or 'Groups' will be tolerated.

Only family friendly art or creations are welcome at OFG.

We encourage friendly and active interactions with our members. We are not only professionals, but we are a group of friends who offer support to each other. If this is the kind of team you are looking for, we would be delighted to consider your application to the OFG team!

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