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The Etsy Zine Team seeks to bring together the zine contingent on Etsy, raise awareness of zines within Etsy, and bring other zine editors to Etsy creating a vibrant and diverse selection of independently published titles available on the site. We accept all that seek to help in this vision.

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Oops, thanks for the inadvertent reminder! I'll try to remember to scan what I've got tomorrow!

Posted at 12:30pm Apr 15, 2011 EDT

I think it's a great idea! My zine is STILL in process..............

Posted at 2:07pm May 4, 2011 EDT

I made this today. Any comments/suggestions?

Posted at 8:42pm May 12, 2011 EDT

I would also be happy to include a flyer with my orders...

Is this thread for general Team Zine ideas, as well as flyers? I just put together a ZineCraft Treasury ( and having then stumbled across this discussion, maybe it would help promote the team if somebody curated a Team Zine treasury?

Posted at 4:55am May 30, 2011 EDT

brainscan says

Can we have a link up to the flyer? I think posting that here would be good.

Posted at 10:20am Jun 29, 2011 EDT

I'd be into distributing a Team Zine flyer in my orders...

Posted at 10:20am Jul 1, 2011 EDT

I'd love to have a Team Zine Flyer to bop in my envelopes!

Posted at 10:41am Jul 1, 2011 EDT

This isn't so much an IDEA per se, but more of a call--I just set up a Twitter account called ZineNews. It's at!/ZineNews

It's set up to promote new zines for sale and related info. Team Zine members--please consider this an open invitation. I would love to promote your new zines for sale on Etsy using your Etsy shop RSS feed.

I use an automated Twitter post system set up to post new items for sale on Etsy via RSS--all you have to do is e-mail me your Etsy RSS feed link and I'll add it to the list. E-mail your Etsy RSS feed link to:

I will be adding these every few days or so so please bear with me if you don't see your information hitting Twitter right away.

The automated feed will run once every three to six hours or so and update the Twitter page accordingly. I'm using Twitterfeed to do this, it's very easy and can be a HUGE help for letting more people know about your Etsy stuff for sale. Learn more about Twitterfeed at:

I don't work for 'em, I just use their free tools.

Thanks all! Looking forward to hearing from you and helping promote your zines.

PS. Alex--I took the liberty of adding your RSS feed from your July Is International Zine Month blogspot page since it's topical and timely--hope you don't mind :-) Let me know if you'd like me to add your Etsy RSS feed.

Posted at 4:35pm Jul 2, 2011 EDT

are we going to use the flier fiftysticks posted?

Posted at 2:11pm Apr 2, 2012 EDT

Echo from FeverDoor says

I really like the flyer from 50 Sticks and would gladly include it in my envelopes!

Posted at 1:09am Apr 6, 2012 EDT