Etsy Trade-a-holics Wanting Stationary

Who can join?

Etsy Trade-a-holics is a moderated team with the following requirements:

First and foremost you must have an Etsy shop! All of our trading is done through Etsy, and the only way you can do that is to have your own shop.

*********You MUST have at least 10 items in your shop to be considered an active shop. ***********

The most important aspect of our community is trust! So when applying, we will be looking at your feedback. We will ask you to explain any negative feedback for non-delivery.

We are now requiring "shop policies and about me" areas filled out. Etsy asks that you take care of these 2 items, so now, so are we. How can a shop decide to trade with you if they don't know anything about you or how you do business?

Etsy's TOS must be followed. Please familiarize yourself with them.

If you've read and understand all of this, you are welcome to apply!

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Original Post

Wedding Cards, Just Because/Blank Cards....

Run outta the things. I've got jewelry, wool, hair accessories....fake spills....try me :)

Also a plug *cough* enter my blog...

Posted at 12:43 am May 24, 2012 EDT


I have a ton of cards not listed...some great wedding cards. I will send you some photos if you like. Check out my shop in the meantime and see if there are any you like there.
:) Steph

Posted at 3:26 am May 24, 2012 EDT

i have some cards, but they are not handmade. if interested, please convo :)

Posted at 9:12 am May 24, 2012 EDT

I have floral and fern cards, I took all the pictures for them. I'll send you a convo. My avatar is one of them.

Posted at 10:01 am May 24, 2012 EDT

Cute stuff. Please list what you want to trade for from my shop as well or let me know in a convo :)

Posted at 2:36 pm May 24, 2012 EDT

I have lots of cards and stationary sets that are not listed :)

Posted at 3:47 pm May 25, 2012 EDT

My whole shop is cards, all up for trade. Have a customizable wedding card and several all-purpose cards.

Posted at 3:54 pm May 25, 2012 EDT

Never actually traded with anyone....please contact me if interested and let me know what you would want from my shop.

Posted at 11:08 pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT

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