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Original Post

Hello everyone
I have lots of Misc for trading , just let me know if you are interested I will send pics and make listings on etsy for the trades
I won't make a trade without making a listing.
And I won't trade unless you have a listing for me.
This is just a hit a miss of stuff:
Clothing ladies -M/L - 12-14 in sizes
Juniors clothing S-L in sizes
Sandals womens size 8 in size
Some decorations for the home
Some mens thermal lined (winter) jeans and plain sizes very from 32-36 in waist and 30-32 lengths
Some perfume samples and bottle of 16oz Phioloshy body wash
New bottle dove conditioner
I may have more ,I am going through alot of stuff.
I am looking for plain trades, christmas trades ect.
Please only email me if you are really interested,Last year sent alot of emails and pictures and some didn't even reply which was slightly rude.Could have just said you weren't interested.Others we had very fun trades :).
Ok thanks alot for reading.

Posted at 6:59pm Sep 19, 2012 EDT


I might be interested in trading! :)

Posted at 10:33pm Sep 19, 2012 EDT

Great , anyone else?

Posted at 3:56pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

I have some pics finally of some of them.

Posted at 9:13pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

I may be interested in bottle of Philosophy! What kind do you have? :)

Posted at 9:40pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

Hi , Katy the Bottle of Philosophy is Senorita Margarita ,only the tab was taking off to smell it , otherwise it's brand new, it's Bubble bath, Body wash or Shampoo it says on the bottle.It was purchased at Sephora.

Posted at 10:16pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

I sent a email,Edna ....I am checking back as often as I can anyone else interested drop me a email.I have pictures.

Posted at 2:29pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT

I also have some craft paint in bottles,needs mixed up well but still wet in the bottles when I shake them, some pearl string for crafts and some type of twine or string for crafting.

Posted at 7:01pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT

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