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Original Post

ElenaMary says

WWWG - Wild, Wise and Witty Grandmamas Chat Thread

Did I do it correctly?

Posted at 10:15 am Nov 12, 2010 EST


ElenaMary says

Hopefully this is link to our forum thread!


Posted at 10:17 am Nov 12, 2010 EST

JNpottery says

When will we be chatting here? I thought the other "teams & events" forum was going away.

Posted at 4:11 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

YAY - a new chat thread on our new Team Page.... yes, ElenaMary = you did it exactly right.... now everybody just needs to migrate over here and 'chat' on this thread!!

looking forward to everybody making there way here....


Posted at 7:04 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

okok...but this granny does not like change...lol..

Finding today very hard....missing my Dad so much! Just thinking about what we would be doing this evening if he was with us....

Posted at 7:22 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

Maybe we could have a promotions thread going to keep noticed in the forums!~

Posted at 7:22 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

Linda, have a safe trip home sorry you could not find any sweaters...looks like you are going to need them real soon!

Posted at 7:32 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

Get to move over and I'll gone for 4 days to Boston to visit my father-in-law. Hope to get time to check in and keep up with all the goings on. Checked my shop and renewed the Baby's First Birthday magnets which would expired while I was gone. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm planning on one.


Posted at 8:40 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

Nice new thread, thanks ElenaMary and you too Duckie!

Linda you are a legend with all your sales, sorry you did not find any sweaters to suit. Very fortunate you do not live in my area as you would find any here, does not stay cold enough, very mild winters, lucky me!

Ok back to crafting, I have to attempt to make some organza fascinators (adding feathers and tulle)to put on the brim of our fuchsia hats we are wearing for our breast cancer golf day, if they turn out alright I will make a smaller one to pin on our golf shirts...fingers crossed! Lucky there is hardly any sewing involved LOL!

Enjoy your evening everyone

Cheers Janice

Posted at 8:41 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

Nice! busy, busy, busy... but got some sales dust to spread all around:

*´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.•
*´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.•
*´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.•
*´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.•
*´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.•
*´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.• *´¯`•.¸.•

Posted at 10:59 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

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