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Original Post

EyePopArt says

Hello team members, I was just hoping you might have a minute to vote for my entry in the NBC and Etsy Green is Universal Art of Reuse Contest!

Here is my entry:

I also wrote a blog post about it here:

Here's how to vote in the contest. By registering and voting you are entered for a chance to win a $500 Etsy shopping spree.

1. Click Login in on www.greenisuniversal-reuse.com/
2. Click Register Now
3. Create your account and log in
4. Go to the Mandala Room Divider, scroll to the BOTTOM of the page and click on VOTE. (It is on page 15 of the Home Decor category.) www.greenisuniversal-reuse.com/home-decor/mandala-room-divider

THANKS! If I get enough votes to make it into the top 10 it will go before celebrity judges on the Today Show...including Martha Stewart!

Thanks for you help!

Here is the item in my Etsy shop:

Posted at 6:48pm Apr 11, 2011 EDT