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Who can join?

Treasury Friends Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

*** TFTeam has reached maximum capacity - we are not currently accepting new applications ***


Please note that Treasury Friends Team is a juried team, which means that your application to the team will be reviewed based on the quality of your product photography. Applying to TFTeam does not guarantee that you will be accepted into the team.

There is no set amount of treasuries you have to create or comment on. As a member, you are in control of how many treasuries you want to make, and in turn how much traffic you will drive to your shop. TFTeam is free promotional tool for sellers to get exposure for their shops, and build supportive seller friendships on Etsy.

We have 4 basic REQUIREMENTS in the team. These rules are enforced, so anyone that does not follow them will be removed from the team:

1. Remember to TAG YOUR TEAM TREASURIES with the word: tfteam

2. Use ALL 16 item slots in every TFTeam treasury (8 slots must have items from TFTeam members).

3. Do not feature more than one item from the same seller in a single treasury.

4. Do not feature yourself in your own treasuries.

***Rules number 3&4 are part of Etsy's treasury guidelines, if you don't follow these rules your treasury will not be eligible for the front page.

If your TFTeam treasuries do not follow the rules, you will be removed from the team without notice.

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