Hoarders Anonymous (HA) Well Hello Hoarders!

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Hoarders Anonymous (HA) has the following requirements:

Anyone can join, but to know if this team is for you, here are some qualities of a HA seller:

Eclectic, genuine, an eye for uncommon beauty, sells quality vintage or vintage upcycled items. Members are snarky, fun, geeky, whimsical, unique. Here at HA, although a good sense of humor is encouraged, respect of other members is demanded and please keep your humor clean.

Want to be a team leader? Convo me for details.

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Original Post

This is a great idea for a team, and while I'm not over the top with pathways through my home (yet), I fear I just may be some day LOL!

Look forward to sharing some laughs and giggles and see what the team members can actually part with and sell here on Etsy!

So for now, I'm Judi ~ and yes I'm kinda/sorta/possibly/maybe a hoarder :)

Posted at 3:38 pm Nov 30, 2011 EST


Janet says

Judi , Im doing pretty good trying to part with some of goodies around here, It's my husband i am afraid that has become quite the hoarder . lol Won't quite depart with much of his hoard. Janet

Posted at 4:48 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Hi Janet, nice to hear from you ~ I must say my husband too has a way with holding onto things, ya know ... in his words "I just might need it some day!" I'll have to take a peek at your shop and see what you are willing ot part with hehehe! ;)

Posted at 9:35 pm Dec 1, 2011 EST

Janet says

Peek away i just listed this vintage Saturday Night Live Movie Mirror Memorbillia .


Posted at 3:07 pm Dec 10, 2011 EST

I do tend to keep a lot of things that some people feel I should get rid off but I just love it too much or it's a memory of a past moment...

Posted at 1:18 am Jan 30, 2012 EST

I blame my hoarding on not enough storage. (which is a joke since we have a big house! Lol. )
I have way too many books--

Posted at 6:44 pm Feb 13, 2012 EST

And I have way too many sewing patterns that I will never make!!


Posted at 1:38 pm May 20, 2012 EDT

Thought Alf would be a perfect addition to this great TEAM.

Posted at 3:01 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

This team is awesome! so glad I found you! We need more teams with a sense of humor on Etsy!


Posted at 12:39 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

In The Day -- my husband has one of those and he TALKS!! A talking Alf. And I've had to live through DVDs of seasons of the series, too...SIGH.

Posted at 8:39 pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT

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