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Original Post

Hi there!

So the exciting thing is we finally had our first sale (although we're still looking forward to a first sale to a stranger :), but I need some advice on how to best protect wood finishes from my packing materials.

We used to use webbed plastic fiber stuff (that often was used as the final wrapper on electronics we bought, among other things) to protect our inventory so pieces could be stacked, but discovered that it had a bad habit of damaging the finish and leaving it pitted, even if the finish had cured for several weeks.

So I was hoping someone would generously share some tips on how to best package wood items (in this case, a segmented vase)? Someone in the Techniques & Materials forum suggested that she had seen woodworkers using microfiber to wrap their pieces in at shows. Is that a good choice? I had previously considered using flannel, but my husband was afraid that would leave fuzzy little fibers in the finish, which is NOT a look we're going for. :)

I greatly appreciate any tips you might share!


Posted at 7:19pm Jun 7, 2012 EDT


I use w/o poly on most everything and just wrap my items in bubble wrap.
Nothing ever sticks. Are you using oil ? I also have seen others at shows
use microfiber but never asked why

Posted at 2:51am Jun 8, 2012 EDT

We use plain tissue paper around the item, then pack it in foam, cotton, batting, bubble wrap, whatever we need at the moment.

Posted at 8:09pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

I have always just used bubble wrap. It works good and never sticks or ruins the finish. I will wrap the item in bubble wrap then place it in a bubble wrap lined envelope for the smaller items and box to fit the larger items.

Posted at 10:44am Jun 10, 2012 EDT

Thanks, everyone! I really, really appreciate your sharing your packaging techniques!

Bubblewrap is what my husband was thinking, too, so I guess we'll try that too. I'm very reassured to hear that's what others are doing!

Rod: My husband uses a variety of finishes depending on what he's making. Lately, he's been using a spray-on lacquer, but he has previously preferred shellac or wipe-on polyurethane.

Posted at 4:59pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

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