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Open to anyone who works with polymer clay. Our mission is to join together a free community of polymer clay artists. There are no fees, no schedules, just like-minded artists. Our mission is to create a comfortable, laid-back environment where you can get help, share tips, ask questions and support or promote each other. No nudity or profanity please.

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Original Post

Just wondering why someone that sells nothing but Semi Precious Gems and has no clay at all in the shop is on this team? Not trying to start anything but I thought this was a Polymer clay team?

Posted at 12:07pm May 2, 2012 EDT


Maybe she makes polymer clay stuff and just doesn't sell it on etsy. I make stuff constantly but I haven't opened a store yet.

Posted at 12:32pm May 2, 2012 EDT

Alia from xODDDOLLx says

I have noticed this too. That's fine if you make clay stuff and don't have any in your shop, but adding non-clay items to the new listing threads on a clay team and what not shouldn't be allowed, I don't think. I'm not trying to call out, but maybe we should let the Captain know about it.

Posted at 12:47pm May 2, 2012 EDT

i add no-clay items to new listing thread too
i work with clay and other materials too
currently i work with leather

Posted at 1:11pm May 2, 2012 EDT

Studio K Jewelry Designs from ChristinaKosinski says
Edited on May 2, 2012

Hmmmm so I guess I was not correct in my thinking. I will be leaving this team if non clay items continue to be added.

Posted at 3:53pm May 2, 2012 EDT

Alia from xODDDOLLx says

I guess I wasn't either, Christina. I work with materials other than clay as well, but I'm not going to post non-clay items in the new listings threads because they don't pertain to this team.

Posted at 4:53pm May 2, 2012 EDT

I agree. Non-clay items should not be posted to new listings in a polymer clay team.

I can see that maybe some are joining teams because they are interested in learning about a craft they haven't tried yet. And they want to show their newest items off to the team, but I think that they should also join a team related to the craft that they are doing and post their new stuff their.

I am also in 2 jewelry related teams 'Beads team' and 'Wire Geeks' and I would in no way post one of my polymer clay FIGURINES in either of those teams as it is completely unrelated.

I would post my polymer clay jewelry in the Beads team since my beads are of polymer clay. But even though both teams are jewelry related, I wouldn't list those same beads in the Wire Geeks team if there was no wire wrapping as part of the item.

Maybe we shouldn't title the thread 'New listings' but use 'New Polymer Clay listings' instead. Additionally, team members who have some or all Non-clay items could start a separate thread titled 'Non-Polymer Clay - New listings' and post their items their.

Posted at 1:14am May 3, 2012 EDT

I'm glad I'm not alone. I like the idea of a non clay thread. That way we show some our other creations.
I know not everyone just does polymer clay but I still dont think that someone who has no clay items at all in their shop should be in a clay guild.

Posted at 3:50pm May 3, 2012 EDT

Agi says

Good idea, Judith! I work with beads too and I like to show off my new items (of course, like everyone else, I guess :)))
But the membership should be OK, maybe they are interested as customers?

Posted at 4:13pm May 3, 2012 EDT

I think the basis for membership should be a LOVE of polymer clay whether you are crafting with it or simply admiring it. I don't think non-clayers should be excluded from membership.

Someone who crafts finished jewelry may want to be part of this team because we are a fantastic source for OOAK beads, pendants and charms.

But I firmly believe that new listings in a polymer clay team should be limited to items that actually include polymer clay.

Posted at 9:50pm May 3, 2012 EDT