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Open to anyone who works with polymer clay. Our mission is to join together a free community of polymer clay artists. There are no fees, no schedules, just like-minded artists. Our mission is to create a comfortable, laid-back environment where you can get help, share tips, ask questions and support or promote each other. No nudity or profanity please.

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Original Post

Nicole from NiQuis says

I'm a newbe in this team. I'm Nicole from Belgium. I've my shop with modern polymer jewelry since a few months.
For me it's difficult to get interested people to my shop. I hope to learn from the other members too.


Posted at 3:29pm Sep 18, 2012 EDT


Hi Nicole, I love your shop, especially these earrings

get your shop filled up and you'll have a better chance to get sales. If you keep adding people who interest you to your circle I'm sure you will soon be in lots of other circles which means you will appear in activity feeds, maybe in treasuries and be seen more - hopefully this leads to more sales! Selling online is very competitive and difficult, try not to be put off too quickly,
good luck

Posted at 10:24am Sep 19, 2012 EDT

Nicole from NiQuis says

Thank you for your kind help Pam. I'll try it!

Posted at 4:39pm Sep 19, 2012 EDT