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Original Post

Hi I making a halloween piece over the weekend, and I forgot my acrylic gloss varnish at work. I use the varnish to seal in the paint and give a shiny finish after my work is done. All I have at home is dimensional modge podge which I have had mixed results in the past. Can it be used as a sealent on clay pieces?

Many thanks

Posted at 11:11pm Sep 9, 2011 EDT


Tried it when I was experimenting with different sealers .. didn't like it. But I was just using it on clay with no paint.
Love your shop!

Posted at 5:03am Sep 10, 2011 EDT

I have to agree with TheWhimsicalPixie. I tried Modge Podge one time, just on baked polymer clay, and it wasn't smooth or shiny. It actually just kind of made the clay feel kind of weird.

Posted at 8:28am Sep 10, 2011 EDT

Aylerville says

I experimented with the dimensional magic about a year ago on a few pieces and found that it was not clear and it had a “cracked” look to it in some spots. I actually saved the pieces and looked at them the other day and the glaze has started to turn yellow, not very pretty. I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Posted at 10:48am Sep 10, 2011 EDT

Ok, thanks : ) I was just being impatient..Guess I will have to run down to the office building and pick up the sealant. I have had not much luck with the modge podge either on other projects. I did a bottle cap with a victorian picture that I wanted to look like glass..Looked great a first, then it started to wrinkle and crack and the piece was ruined :(

Posted at 12:15pm Sep 10, 2011 EDT

I have had no luck with modge podge! I love magic gloss though it works great.

Posted at 11:21pm Sep 18, 2011 EDT

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