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Original Post

Now that there is no promotion forum, I thought that we could share our new listings, blogs, facebook pages, twitter, treasuries, sales, and anything else you want, right here on our team! What do you say? :-)

I'll start! Here is my newest listing- A beautiful vintage soap dish with three bars of my handcrafted all natural soap. You get to choose the kind of soap from my shop!

And my blog is:

My Facebook:

And my Twitter!!/MCSCandG

What do YOU have? :-)

Posted at 6:05pm Feb 5, 2011 EST


Wow this team is a little dead this weekend.... Anybody have any new listings they want to share?

Here's one I listed today! :-)

Posted at 6:27pm Feb 6, 2011 EST

gbbox says

Rally handy calculator that shows how much etsy and paypal fees are.

Posted at 3:32am Feb 7, 2011 EST

Erika- That lip balm sounds yummy! :-)

Posted at 1:16am Feb 8, 2011 EST

gbbox- That calculator is pretty eye opening! Good, useful information!

Posted at 1:19am Feb 8, 2011 EST

DamaUSA says

Forgot to tell you gbbox, the calculate is great. I have been using it since. What a useful tool to share. THANKS

Posted at 4:58pm Feb 9, 2011 EST

essensu says

Hello, I'm new to the team and I'm happy to be here. I was so surprised the other day when I went to add something to the promo thread and it was gone and everything had been changed!

Well, I'm moving into larger office space (yay) & have so much stock to move! I have some surplus bottles I would much rather sell than move.

My sections are all filled in my Etsy shop, so I can't add a Destash section. But if anyone is interested, I have 2 oz blue PET bullet bottles, 20/410 for sale in lots of 100 for $20.00.

Shipping would be based on your location. The weight is 4 lbs. to ship.

If anyone is interested, just holler.

** I didn't know if it would be improper to put a link to them, as they are also in my Artfire shop. I'd be glad to give the link if you'd like to see what they look like directly.

~ Tami

Posted at 1:22am Feb 10, 2011 EST