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Original Post

Kitiya Palaskas says
Edited on Nov 16, 2011

Hey everyone!

This is a thread just for Sydney Team event information. I've created a page on Meetup for the team which will be your #1 source of info for any events we plan as a team. We'll list new events as they come up, and there's a calendar on there so you can keep track of what's happening and when. Check it out here:

And on that note, I'd like to announce the first meetup of the Summer season!

We are hosting an evening get-together on Thursday 1 December for all Sydney Etsy enthusiasts and friends. We're very excited because our Australian Community Manager Kirsteene will be in attendance to meet you all and share her amazing wealth of information about all things Etsy. There'll be craft activities, giveaways, drinks and snacks, and opportunities for show 'n tell, so bring your handmade goods and business cards!

The meetup will be held at the Eagle Soup Studio in Chippendale (close to Redfern and Central train stations) and will start at 6:30pm.
Full event details and RSVP information can be found here:

I really hope to see you all there, this is a great opportunity to meet with Kirsteene and get to know your fellow team members!

I encourage you to share this event information with anyone you think may be interested in joining us. If you'd like the flyer to put on blogs or social media, please convo me and I'll send it through.


Posted at 7:21pm Nov 16, 2011 EST


P.S. Don't forget to RSVP via the Meetup event so we can get a good idea of numbers for catering and such!

Posted at 11:38pm Nov 16, 2011 EST

Bump! Only 15 coming so far, can we do better? It'll be heaps of fun folks!

Posted at 7:52pm Nov 24, 2011 EST

I would love to come, but unfortunately I work until 9 - bummer!

Posted at 8:14am Nov 25, 2011 EST

I tried to join but i cant from my phone :-( maybe next time!

Posted at 2:57am Nov 26, 2011 EST

I'm coming! <3

Posted at 2:14am Nov 27, 2011 EST

I wish I could come, but I'm driving up to Sydney on Thursday night so I'm going to just miss out.

Have fun!

Posted at 3:17am Nov 28, 2011 EST

We'll see you at Finders Keepers Brian! Looking forward to it.

Posted at 8:11pm Nov 28, 2011 EST

Katy Dee says

If you can send me a flyer I can put it in Vinnies on oxford street! Looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday! K-T x

Posted at 2:45am Nov 29, 2011 EST

BUMP! This is on tomorrow night, can't wait to see you all there!!

Posted at 8:12pm Nov 29, 2011 EST

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