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Original Post

Share your latest blog post here so we can see what everyone is blogging about....

I blogged about delicate colours ...
what shades are you loving right now?

Posted at 9:10pm Jan 17, 2012 EST


Great idea for a thread Anastasia!

I blogged about a giveaway my friend is running to win her first ever zine.

P.S. I am loving neons mixed with neutral tones!

Posted at 10:45pm Jan 17, 2012 EST

I blogged about my new car! It may seem un-craft related but I'll be decking her out in all things handmade.

Posted at 6:41am Jan 18, 2012 EST

a week of love - spreading the love people!!

i will be doing daily love posts this week!

Posted at 8:43pm Feb 1, 2012 EST

Katy Dee says

Hi all,

What a great thread.. I blogged about my favourite Fashion Illustrator... go check out my blog to see who it is!

Alot of love will be coming.....


Posted at 3:07am Feb 2, 2012 EST

Lyndell from lyndell says

Hi - love this thread - yesterday I blogged a workshop on making fairy wings for dolls :-)

I'm into Blythe Dolls but the same methods can be scaled up to make wings for children & adults.
Cheers, Lyndell

Posted at 5:57am Feb 2, 2012 EST

a week of love over on my blog!

Posted at 8:07pm Feb 8, 2012 EST

I blogged about my latest creations, restoring antique furniture, my four year old's first day of school, the frustration of not being able to cure what ails somebody I am caring for...

I hadn't blogged for over a month (*tsk tsk*) so there was a lot of catching up to do! LOL :-)

Posted at 8:25pm Feb 8, 2012 EST

Lyndell from lyndell says

I blogged yesterday ... about using old Sarongs to make garments - they aren't for sale on Etsy tho'

Posted at 6:18pm Feb 9, 2012 EST