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This team is only open to creators of altered and sculptural books and team members must have book objects in their etsy shops.

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Original Post

ElenaMary says

Welcome amazing book artists! I hope to discover more book artists with etsy shops over time. I have long lobbied for a sub-category in the ART category for BOOK ARTS to no avail but if this team grows over time perhaps we can convince the administration that we are a valid form of art and worthy of a sub-category. The avatar image is of one of my truck books and I can change the image from time to time if you send me a jpeg image of one of your books which would fit this horizontal format. Chime in and dialogue with us whenever you want to and suggest other book artists on etsy to me so I can invite them to join us. The mysterious name of our team "The Alchemical Codex Society" was suggested by Saphoona and thank you for that!
Please take a look in "elsewhere" at the treasury I created with all your books in it and leave a comment there if you have not already. This will be a truly international team if all invited artists join..Please do! Cheers! Elena

Posted at 8:56 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST


Saphoona says

Yeah! I wish there were a place for us to put images of book-related art which has already sold. Or maybe we can put our website info somewhere so people can view our sold work there?

Thanks for using my name suggestion for the group too!

Posted at 10:57 pm Nov 12, 2010 EST

ElenaMary says

Saphoona..You can start a new discussion which you can title: Share your website or blog links with us.

Anyone on the team can start a new discussion and indicate if the discussion is public or private.

Posted at 1:55 am Nov 13, 2010 EST

ElenaMary says

I hope this team grows so when you find a book artist on etsy who should be invited to join us please let me know and whenever anyone feels inspired to create a book treasury we would welcome it!
My major goal is starting this team is to convince Etsy administration that they should add a sub-category of BOOK ART to their Art category..our work is very invisible here and I know there are dedicated collectors of book art. If our work was easier to find, it would benefit us all.

Posted at 11:36 am Nov 17, 2010 EST

I'm glad I've found other kindred spirits who enjoy making altered books. I also feel that the category is not really understood and can't understand why it's not considered a valid form of art. I don't know how to make my books stand out with the tag options I have.
By the way, the books featured in the treasury are aboloutely amazing!

Posted at 2:12 pm Dec 26, 2010 EST

ElenaMary says

Soooo glad book artists are finding our tiny team and joining..We are wonderful artists and deserve our own sub-category (i.e. unique artists' books or similar title) under the ART category..then buyers will find our books!! we must grow bigger as a team and then we will have more leverage to lobby for this sub-category..please tell other book artists on etsy about this team and we will continue to grow!!

Posted at 3:39 pm Dec 30, 2010 EST

ElenaMary says

Another look at our Treasury of amazing book objects which is updated as books expire:

We will soon have a website devoted to the book artists on etsy..Book Artists ...join the Alchemical Codex Society and be part of our book art community!

Posted at 3:16 pm Jan 3, 2011 EST

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