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Original Post

UnityWorks says

Hi everyone! I would love to have more people "like" my facebook page and I'm sure others of you would like the same :) Here's my link and please post yours as well!!/pages/UnityWorks/147846101934123

Posted at 11:27am Feb 10, 2011 EST


Find me on Facebook ---- search beadsbuttonsandbows! Like me and I will like you back :o)

Posted at 10:01pm May 24, 2011 EDT

Great idea! I prefer to buy from fellow craftsters before searching the rest of etsy ;)

Posted at 10:14pm Jun 9, 2011 EDT

JoshandTeo says

Ok... this may sound like a dumb question but how do you "like" each other. Is it the fan page to fan page or as an individual user?

Also, there are 2 people who liked me that I could not figure out? If this was one of you, could you please msg me so I know?

Posted at 9:32pm Jun 14, 2011 EDT

fancydodo says

I would love some more followers on facebook and twitter!!/fancydodo

To answer JoshandTeo, you can "like" pages either way. If you have a fan page for your shop and go to it there is a side bar option that says "use facebook as ______" and it allows you to switch to your page as if it was you. You can post as your shop, like other shops etc. You go back there to go back to your individual account as well. It's entirely up to you how you "like" others. But it will show up on whichever profile you used. I tend to like other shops as my shop because it cross traffics me with them rather than my personal page. Hope this answers your q!

Posted at 1:39pm Jun 29, 2011 EDT

isewcute says

Here is my I Sew Cute page on facebook:


beadsbuttonsandbows ...there are a couple other 'beads buttons and bows' when you search facebook, but I found you because of your location.


Posted at 8:20am Jun 30, 2011 EDT