Etsy Digital Designers Team What type of Items Sell Best?

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Original Post

Ruby says

Hi! I'm new to this whole selling digital designs on etsy, so I'd thought I ask here what type of items you guys find are easier to sell. Like, do clip art sell better than digital art prints, etc.

Posted at 3:10pm Jul 18, 2012 EDT


You could try using your artwork in greeting cards as well as prints. Offer a variety of uses for your illustrations. You are likely to attract more customers interested in different things!

Posted at 3:28pm Jul 18, 2012 EDT

Ruby says

Thanks! That's a great idea, I'll give it a try :)

Posted at 3:52pm Jul 18, 2012 EDT

You could just experiment, I sell digital paper packs and clipart that is printable. But my papers sell better.

Posted at 6:45pm Jul 18, 2012 EDT

Ruby says

Thanks! Experimenting sounds like the way to go, since not every formula works for everyone.

Posted at 12:01am Jul 19, 2012 EDT