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Who can join?

T.E.S.T. Toronto Etsy Street Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

This street team is for all Etsy sellers in TORONTO!

Please note: Our team is getting very large, and all work is done on a volunteer basis. Please be patient - it may take a while to respond to requests, though we truly appreciate your interest!

(Sellers who live beyond the boundaries of Toronto should check out some of the other great Ontario teams instead. There are teams for everyone. Find the right team for you!

If you have just opened an empty shop, please come back once you've listed an item.

We accept applicants who are in Toronto, have items listed, and whose items are in line with Etsy TOUs)


Right now we have 3 goals:

Support + Socializing + Sales


A group like ours needs two kinds of communication system: an external one to promote ourselves and have a public image and an internal one for decision-making, communication and planning. Please check out all the links to find us elsewhere on the internet.

What you can do right now

1- Join all the online here, and at the other links

2- Check out our team members and add their Twitter, Facebook, etc to your online stuff. Link to them whenever you can.

3- Heart and Cart the other Team members. Check out their shops, heart some items. Buy or trade stuff if you can. A list of the team shops appears here.

4- Recruit!!! Let other Toronto crafters know we are organizing our damn selves. Get people to join Etsy. Get Etsy members to join us. Get your fans to become our fans.

Things to think about

Chat! The forums, facebook pages and twitter are a great way to get to know your team. Please participate - it's a great way to have a say in the team and meet other Toronto Etsians.

Meet! We have had some social events and sales and plan more in the future.

Blog: We have a team blog:

If you let us know about Toronto art/craft/vintage sales and other events we are happy to promote! Tell us about your shows! Please consider contributing to the blog, and volunteering to be interviewed. It's a great way to get word out about your shop.

Networking! If you have any other networking ideas, let us know – or better yet just do it!

If ever there ends up being conflict or wonky-ness in the group, we will use our goals to guide our actions.

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Original Post

minouette says

Hi gang,

We've just posted the 9th in the series of team member interviews: Good Yarns, interviewed by JAnnsBoutique:

Get to know two of our newest team members!

This series is a great way to get a little traffic to your shop, get to know each other, and attract fans to your shops and the team.

We have four more interviews coming up but are always happy to get more participants. Post in this thread if you too would like to be interviewed on the blog.

Posted at 3:25 pm Nov 25, 2010 EST


Thanks Ele!

Posted at 10:12 pm Nov 25, 2010 EST

great! i look forward to reading them!

how are the interviews done, btw? written, or verbal?

Posted at 12:53 am Nov 26, 2010 EST

minouette says

They are written.

The usual procedure is this:
1. pair up TEST members
2. by convo they send each other questions
3. they reply (and include any URLs they want listed, or links to favorite photos) and possibly follow up with 2nd round of questions if desired
4. they send everything to me
5. I format it (so all interviews have same into, similar look, lots of links back to etsy shops) and post it to our blog

Posted at 6:36 pm Nov 26, 2010 EST

Fun stuff..great reads ahead!

Posted at 5:41 pm Nov 30, 2010 EST

minouette says

Ok, so I'm trying to keep an organized list of volunteers for the interview series. I'm going to start a list of user names below. If you would like to be on the list, please copy the list and append your username.

We have one more interview scheduled before the end of 2010:
melaniehillier will interview papermusedesigns

Then break until 2011 (post-holiday busy time) and we have the following interested parties:

Sorry if I've omitted anyone, but please just add your name!

Posted at 4:53 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

Hi guys!
I just have a couple of questions.

Are the questions for the interview (which are sent between the 2 members) random ones made up by the interviewer? or Does everyone receive the same set of questions to answer in their own way?

Posted at 8:39 pm Dec 2, 2010 EST

minouette says

Every interviewer can make up their own question. If they are stumped, they are welcome to recycle questions already used. Everyone gets a partner and each participant makes up their own questions for their partner, and answers as they see fit. For instance, our latest interviewer was asked about how she got interested in vintage purses and she answered by relating childhood memories - obviously this Q&A was tailored to fit the interviewee. :)

Posted at 10:21 am Dec 3, 2010 EST

minouette says

Then break until 2011 (post-holiday busy time) and we have the following interested parties:

Posted at 3:53 pm Dec 3, 2010 EST

minouette says

Then break until 2011 (post-holiday busy time) and we have the following interested parties:

Posted at 12:55 pm Dec 4, 2010 EST

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