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Original Post

Hello Team! I'm fairly new to Etsy (started my shop in April) and I still haven't had my first sale. Actually besides no sales Im not getting very many views! I've read posts from the seller handbook on keywords, descriptions, and titles and made changes to my shop. I've also recently added a few images of the jewelry on figure. I'm not really sure what else I should try in order to get more views for my jewelry...and in turn more sales (hopefully!). Would anyone be willing to take a look at my site and give me some thoughts? I would appreciate it so much!!

Thank you!

Posted at 1:31 pm May 9, 2012 EDT


Hi Elie, wonderful shop, great items and pictures. Try using the actual item name in the first 3 words of your title.....example...
You Coral-brass skull bracelet...
Try something bracelet, coral, brass, skull
Try to think of people searching, just try different titles on a few and see if that helps. In your description repeat this and use as many of your tags in your description as possible.
Your jewelry is fantastic so when you start coming up in searches I am sure you will get sales. Beat of luck to you

Posted at 2:00 pm May 9, 2012 EDT

You only just opened your (lovely!) shop.
In an overly saturated market.

Most sellers have to wait months for their first sale.
And building up a successful business takes years.

Just have some more patience, continue with what you are doing already and don't forget to promote, promote, promote!

Wishing you many happy sales!

Posted at 2:00 pm May 9, 2012 EDT

Yes, what they said above! Hang in there! :)

Posted at 2:16 pm May 9, 2012 EDT

Thank you guys!

Posted at 3:05 pm May 9, 2012 EDT

I agree with what others said, jewelry is about the worst thing you can try to sell!

for your shop... you might try some things at lower price points, for a lot of people a $30 bracelet is a big deal. not saying there's no market for it, just that as you go higher end your audience gets smaller and your competition tougher.

Also you don't have a lot of items. It's tough to attract views to your shop without even going to that second page yet, there just aren't many listings to flood the keywords, you know?

Posted at 4:29 pm May 9, 2012 EDT

All good information from everyone. It takes a while for most shops to get their first sales. Sometimes months, but keep working at it and learning and it will come. Good luck! :)

Posted at 1:12 pm May 10, 2012 EDT

It sounds like you're doing a great job with all the research and effort part. Next comes the waiting as you continue to increase the number of items you have available. You might also see if you can do a craft show or something of that kind. The more people who see your jewelry in person and have your contact info {etsy shop address on business cards!} will come and visit you and buy.

Main thing is to keep going, it really can take awhile!

Posted at 1:47 pm May 10, 2012 EDT

Beautiful shop. I started in April a year ago and it was slow for a while. I wish you much success:) Rome wasn't built in a day.

Posted at 6:43 pm May 10, 2012 EDT

Hi Elle

Great photography on your items! I think that if you listed more items then you're more likely to get a sale. I found that sales didn't really come until I had over 50 items. Also getting involved with teams such as creating treasuries and commenting on treasuries is about the best thing you can do! Otherwise if you wanted to give it a try you can always try some ads (I've heard mixed things from them but might be worth a shot)


Posted at 12:18 am May 11, 2012 EDT

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