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Original Post

Hi, I am Cathy, I opened my shop in November and seem to be doing pretty well. My numbers have steadily gotten better each month and I am pleased with my progress, however my sales are still low. Can someone take a look at my shop and tell me what changes that I need to make. Your help is welcome.
My Etsy shop is:
My facebook page is :
My pinterest page is :
Here is one of my listings:
What do you see wrong?

Posted at 7:31pm May 20, 2012 EDT


I think you got everything in place, that I can tell, of course I only posted my
first photo the end of Dec.,2011. You have me beat in sales, maybe someone can tell me too, how to improve sales. Best wishes to you.

Posted at 8:10pm May 20, 2012 EDT

Your work is lovely.
I like the misfit holiday print and that would be darling on note cards.

One thing I did notice is your tags for example the howling full moon
I didn't see a tag stating it was a fine art print which you should repeat that phrase in tags.

Separate the description into short paragraphs. It makes it easier to read.

Posted at 8:16pm May 20, 2012 EDT

Thanks, I like the idea about the paragraphs in the descriptions. And definitely will add fine art prints to the tags.

Posted at 8:21pm May 20, 2012 EDT

Lisa from MoLGifts says

I agree with BeachHouse, very lovely items.

Your descriptions threw me for a loop though. Besides the fact that it feels squished together with no separation, descriptions like the one in this beautiful listing make me leave instead of purchasing.. as well, it's my understanding Google doesn't like them at all.

I mean, I get through the first sentence and I still have NO idea what the listing is. It's a bunch of keywords strung together making them, essentially, meaningless.
You've used the same style on several other listings as well.

Using keywords to get traffic to your shop is great but it's almost pointless if they don't stay and purchase. I think the keyword stuffing is actually more detrimental than it is beneficial in your case.

Other descriptions start off with what appears to be a long sentence in what looks and feels like a title format followed by bulletin points in the guise of sentences. It doesn't flow and doesn't draw the customer in to 'feel' your artwork (which seriously, really, really is worth a great deal of attention and appreciation).

This listing:

describes the character in great detail; however, it tells me virtually nothing about the item you are selling.

You also may want to consider re-working your refund policy. I would not be comfortable dropping 2500 on an original painting with a declaration of it being non-refundable if it arrives damaged (or doesn't arrive at all). PayPal begs to differ that claim immensely.

Posted at 12:35am May 21, 2012 EDT

crochetgal says

Hi Cathy,

If I were you, I'd take a serious look at your shop policies. Statements such as
are a great turnoff for a buyer.

It basically conveys to the buyer that you really aren't interested in providing good customer service at all. Put yourself in the buyers shoes. If you were to spend $100 or more on something that you fell in love with and it arrived damaged, how would you feel if the seller told you 'too bad' but I'm not going to do anything about it? You'd probably be rather upset.

As a buyer the first thing I do before purchasing is look at the shop policies. When I see something like that, I shop elsewhere.

I'd suggest that you come up with titles for what your items ARE rather than their potential uses. For example
A whimsical owl hospital door hanger?

Isn't it a birth announcement that COULD be hung on a hospital door?

Why not just call it an "Its A Boy Birth announcement sign"?
Anyone shopping for a birth announcement surely won't be searching for a hospital door hanger.

Posted at 2:39am May 21, 2012 EDT

Thanks so much, I agree with the shop policies, you are right I will change that immediately. I am new to online selling and I was not sure what to do about that, do you have suggestions how to protect myself on these original paintings. I would not be able to replace these gems, if they are lost or damaged, because I cannot reproduce a painting to look identical to another, so how would I replace it. I am not sure how to handle this part of my policy.
Help. And I am confused with SEO RELEVANCY. Some people tuell you to do it this way and others say no. CONFUSED AND NOT UNDERSTANDING.

Posted at 10:54am May 21, 2012 EDT

Made my policy changes, hope everyone excuses my confusion on this matter. I certainly would never want to cheat anyone. My customers are my first priority. I depend on word of mouth for sales and would never want to offend anyone . Thanks Lisa for bringing this to my attention.

Posted at 11:20am May 21, 2012 EDT

I just made changes to these two listings, can someone look at them and see if they sound better. Reference previous post by Lisa.

Posted at 8:12am May 22, 2012 EDT

You are amazingly talented! Best wishes for you

Posted at 11:20pm May 22, 2012 EDT