Craftcount I'm getting very discouraged...

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Team is open to all users who use Craftcount or want to learn more about it. Craftcount is an app that tracks the Etsy top sellers, with over 1000 sales, in every category and country, updated every 24 hours.

While you are at it, do like our Facebook page too. We have a wonderful page with lots of Etsy News, tips and showcases that I know you will enjoy.

We are a sharing team; come and learn how to improve your shop and how to grow your businesses. The main discussion is for those asking for help, critiques and sharing tips, advice and ideas.

By accepting we ask nothing absolutely of you, just drop in, say hi and possibly learn something new today.

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Thanks for the team info Linda :-)

Posted at 1:09 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I am new to the team and relatively new to Etsy and this Thread is very encouraging.....I wondered if any of the Top Sellers have an idea of what percentage of their business comes from Google, Etsy (paid search), FB, Twitter, Wanelo, Pinterest, etc....Google does not seem to be picking up on any of my SEO/Listings according to my Shop Stats...and I was thinking I should stop Etsy paid ads and just add time to my social newtworking..LMK :) Thank you very much for your time! xoxox

Posted at 9:45 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I would say, don't give up!! It can be discouraging, but don't rely on Etsy only. Try getting your items in shops as well. I was getting very discouraged, but recently scored a shop that pays up front and loves my items! Something like that can keep you motivated!!
Good luck,

Posted at 4:04 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

If you made some items out of other materials, you might get more views and sales from people who never knew about making things out of duct tape.

Posted at 4:17 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Stacy says

...smh.... no one's going to type in Pink Zebra Fabulous Duct Tape Wallet. THINK LIKE THE BUYER.. if i'm looking for a wallet and a pink one since pink is my favorite color i'm going to type in pink wallet. SOOOOO put PINK Zebra wallet then write what it's made of in the description. You have to learn more about seo (search engine optimization) you have to type in plain and simple titles so that google and other search engines can read it. people are most likely not gonna type in pink zebra fabulous Duct tape wallet. if you keep doing this with your titles you will never get found. just being brutally honest. good luck hang in there and READ more about seo! it is Highly important

Posted at 12:15 am Aug 9, 2012 EDT

If you are happy with your pieces then they should sell. Maybe ask yourself would you buy your items would you use them and what price would you pay, how would you like to display you pieces in your store.

Also browse to see if the are any craft fairs you could attend.

Wish you more sales.

Posted at 3:19 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

Continued thanks everyone! I have much to learn about SEO! I thought any word anywhere in your listing was searchable, but some must be prioritized in how you prioritize them... very interesting. I will work on it! Thank you so much for all your time and knowledge!

Posted at 5:09 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

The worst marketing strategy, in my humble opinion, is starting a thread in a public (!) forum to let the world know you are 'getting very discouraged'.
You potential customers will feel the same...

Not saying asking for advice is wrong!
You just don't want to use titles like this.

Posted at 5:57 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

You have cute items. Take the great advice and a positive attitude and go with it. I know my shop did better when I narrowed down what I was selling. At first I tried to sell every hair bow possible. It didn't help my shop. Once I focused on headbands and a few bows it helped. You can do it!

Posted at 7:35 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

Thanks for all the encouragement! Hard to change things I've done in the past. I really appreciate all the POSITIVE reinforcement! Thanks everyone!

Posted at 8:51 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

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