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Original Post you sell your work anywhere else? Craft shows, flea markets, your owm personal website?

I just opened my own website and have signed up to be im a couple craft shows this year.

Is Etsy your main market or do you do better else where?

My website:

I don't know how well it will work, but I would love to hear some of your experiences!! (:

Posted at 6:36 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT


I'm not any good with social media, so I don't get exposure on the internet anywhere else but etsy.

I love craft fairs. I had my first one in May, and I did really well. It was small and not well advertised, but I still made more sales than I have on etsy. I think people like supporting others in their community.

I have another one on Sept. 29 which I'm excited about. This one will be hugely advertised and I think it is an annual one in the town, so I'm sure there will be plenty of foot traffic.

Posted at 7:55 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Katie... you create some really cute cards!

Having my first craft show next weekend. Terrified. Also very excited! I've been busting my knuckles all week to get my product finished. If I'm successful, I'll be doing some more in fall.

Posted at 8:55 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Amanda---I love craft shows, too! They're a lot of hard work but when you make sales and meet tons of new's worth it :)

Amy, that's great! I wish you all the luck in the world! Even if this one doesn't go as planned, I would still do some more this fall. Trust me, all craft shows are different! So if things don't go the way you least you can say you know what to do next time :) That's how I learned the ups and downs of it!!

Thanks ladies for replying! :)

Posted at 9:25 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

Ty, Katie. =D

Speaking of selling at craft shows... I make baby name blocks and smaller square block puzzle sets, and in my shop I have a note warning that my products are for decor purposes, and not for children to play with, chew, eat. I'm not quite sure how to handle this disclaimer in a live craft show. Does anyone have experience with "child warning" labels at craft shows?


Posted at 10:13 pm Aug 3, 2012 EDT

This business was started well before Etsy was even thought of so yes, I sell in a number of places. Etsy is just one very small venue in my overall business plan.

I do art festivals, sell in local shops, and run my own shop as well. This is a full time business for me.

Posted at 2:42 am Aug 4, 2012 EDT

I would just post a sign stating the warning on your craft show table, Amy :)

Crochetgal, that's really cool! :) Your work looks very professional!

Posted at 10:14 am Aug 4, 2012 EDT

I'm about to do my first arts and crafts show Sept 19. I'm hoping to make a lot of sales.

I just opened an account on society 6 - where I can post a high resolution image of my art and people can buy it as iPhone skins, lap top covers, prints, and tshirts. I'm going to see how it goes :)

I also have a shop on Copious, but I haven't sold anything yet. & I have a Zazzle shop.

I'm trying to see what creates income or if they all can work together to make selling my art my full-time job.

Posted at 12:08 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

I would say that Etsy is the smallest part of my business. I have a corporate 9-5, plus sell in handmade boutiques in several states, plus craft shows/indie bazaars.

Posted at 2:28 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

Amanda from alofashion says
Edited on Aug 5, 2012

I mainly sell on Etsy, Made It, and promote through Facebook :)

Posted at 6:37 am Aug 5, 2012 EDT

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