Craftcount Re-vamped product photos can anyone critique?

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Original Post

Kati says

So a few weeks ago I posted asking for a shop critique... The advice I was given was redo my photos, and do different tags as well as more product info. I really tried to take all the advice and have worked super hard to redo all the photos etc... Can anyone please take a look and give me a non biased opinion... Let's face it mom, grandma and hubby don't count... Lol... I am at the point if I don't start making money here I am going to have to go back to my insurance job... So... Honestly any help would be awesome!

Posted at 4:59pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT


Hi Kati, I Love your Backgrounds. The Cutting mat was Brilliant! I Really like it's color, So Appealing!
Best Wishes!

Posted at 5:30pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Kati says

Yay! Thank you Tammy! I was so unsure!

Posted at 5:36pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Erin from Sapucha says

Your pics look great! I think the next thing you need to focus on is adding to your listing quantities. I found once I got over 100+ listings I had a boost in sales. not sure why other than it gives customers more to see and reason to stay in your shop. Good luck!

Posted at 5:46pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Jon Hannah says

Nice pictures! Being an out of work IT engineer working with my wife on her shop; I know how stressful it can be when sales aren't coming in. I think good feedback does come in the compliment sandwich form so I'll try to be balanced. :)

Let me start with the composition of your detail shots which I think is great. You have a striking depth of field effect that sharply brings your item into focus and that is something I rarely see anymore- you should be proud because it shows off your hard work. That being said, I'm not sure if the wider shots are best on the grid background. It can cause the viewers eye to become confused as to how the item actually exists in the wide focal plane and doesn't do the other shots justice. No big deal, I would just stick to those detail shots for your primary images and keep it in mind in the future. PLEASE don't go and re-shoot all that work! Next, though having a lot of pictures is always better than too few I'm not sure if your creating more visual processing work for yourself when you might be able to get away with one detail, one wide shot and perhaps another shot from a different perspective. It looks like you have been working on the colors and shadows too but consistent lighting and sticking with automatic adjustments will save you a lot of time there. I know I used to spend hours in the Photoshop raw image tool driving myself nuts. As Erin was saying, filling out your inventory will reach a larger audience and, as much as it can be a massive time-eater, social media always helps get your items out to more people (easier said than done). Lastly, I too like the contrast and appealing color complements your cutting mat does offer the detail shots.

I hope you take the above with a grain of salt considering I do want to give you real feedback. If you want anymore information, I would be happy to further discuss it. Great work and best of luck to you!

Posted at 9:37pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Kati says

You guys are so awesome! Thank you for taking the time to review and post!

Posted at 9:59pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I think they look awesome!! :)

Posted at 10:16pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

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