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Team is open to all users who use Craftcount or want to learn more about it. Craftcount is an app that tracks the Etsy top sellers, with over 1000 sales, in every category and country, updated every 24 hours.

While you are at it, do like our Facebook page too. We have a wonderful page with lots of Etsy News, tips and showcases that I know you will enjoy.

We are a sharing team; come and learn how to improve your shop and how to grow your businesses. The main discussion is for those asking for help, critiques and sharing tips, advice and ideas.

By accepting we ask nothing absolutely of you, just drop in, say hi and possibly learn something new today.

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Original Post

mwendas from mwendas says

I'm curious to hear from those who have used this new app to integrate your Etsy shop with Facebook. Brought to you by Timothy Adam, the same guy who created Handmadeology.

How is it working out? Is it worth $18/month to sign up?

Posted at 1:37 am Jul 2, 2013 EDT


I'm wondering how fanpageology integrates with Store Ya. In looking at the website, fanpageology is about design and giving features to drive traffic to facebook. I'm still looking. There is a lot to digest. I use MailChimp, FanChimp, and Storeya. I don't want to duplicate services but am willing to tray a different service when an existing one expires and/or I disassocate with them.

Posted at 5:34 pm Jul 4, 2013 EDT

Craftcount says

Anymore updates?

Posted at 8:41 am Aug 6, 2013 EDT

Sorry, haven't tried it.

Posted at 2:50 pm Aug 6, 2013 EDT

I have not tried either. Should look into it soon.

Posted at 3:34 pm Aug 6, 2013 EDT

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