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Original Post

This is their site:
I was approached to be featured and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company.

Posted at 11:35 am Aug 20, 2013 EDT


Be careful. I've been approached by a couple of outfits. If you have to decide too quickly, or do anything too quickly, before you've had a chance to think things through and check out all the details, be wary. And definitely, if you have to PAY anything, be careful! Some of these outfits are just "phishing" for customers themselves - flattery can work wonders, sometimes to your detriment. Don't be rushed, check out the company (perhaps with the Better Business Bureau) see if there are any negative reviews online of the company, etc.. And never go to a place you've never been alone! Go with someone, or at least let someone know where you're going. Hope this helps.

Posted at 12:39 pm Aug 20, 2013 EDT

P.S. - Also let Etsy know if you've discovered the company is "phishing" or is a scam. Etsy likes to know and can probably do something about it (block them from the site or something) and save other store owners heartache or worse. Not to say that this company may be legit, and something very positive could come of it for you - I hope so!

Posted at 12:42 pm Aug 20, 2013 EDT

Like anything else, I'd suggest that you read the terms and conditions and understand them completely before you sign any contracts.

Is that site your target market? How much commission do they request? How much product do you have to have in stock?

Only you can decide whether its a good fit.

Posted at 2:38 am Aug 21, 2013 EDT

Their 'terms and conditions' link does not work!
That, and the fact that there is not enough info on their front page sets of an alarm for me.
The second alarm is that I see the same reseller trash on their front page that is flooding Etsy.
Would be a big nono for me.

Posted at 1:53 pm Aug 21, 2013 EDT

I partnered with 9th and Elm when they launched in June...there's not much info on them because they're new. I'm really happy with them...sales have been great and I get paid on time and with a detailed spreadsheet making it easy for me to track paid / unpaid orders. It's been a win / win for me and has driven new customers to my Etsy store. Go for it.

Posted at 12:07 am Aug 22, 2013 EDT

I was approached by them also and they seem to be on the up and up. They are relatively new. I am going to give it a try and will let you know how it goes.

Posted at 12:02 pm Dec 5, 2013 EST

Jackie says

This is their FAQ's page:

I had never heard of them until now, but I am definitely going to check it out!

Posted at 2:20 pm Dec 5, 2013 EST

There's not much info on them because they are new?
Eh, that is no reason for not giving enough info. To the contrary.

Posted at 5:53 pm Dec 7, 2013 EST

A friend of mine is working with them. She emailed a couple of sellers that were listed to get more info and feedback. As far as I know she hasn't made any sales through them yet.

Posted at 1:44 pm Dec 8, 2013 EST

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