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Original Post

About our moral expectations for our children, but do not have for ourselves.

Posted at 12:56pm Aug 25, 2011 EDT


Hi L.C.! I just read your most recent post and I scrolled down and read a few others as well - by the way your baby is a CUTEY! I definitely agree with your most recent post - we should all remember to be as respectful and kind as we expect our children to be. Also, I LOVED your breastfeeding post - I too am a breastfeeding mom and I always say that the most important things to remember are to be patient at the beginning and just get through the first three weeks (it usually gets lots better after that) and drink LOTS of water (you can't imagine how much this tip helps).

Posted at 2:18pm Aug 26, 2011 EDT

Thank you so much, Sara. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts, and thank you for the compliment about my boy!


Posted at 9:04pm Aug 26, 2011 EDT

A giveaway for fellow etsy mama Miaboo, come check it out and show her your support :)

Posted at 9:11pm Aug 28, 2011 EDT

I have an entry today about the emotional responses to the color brown...

What is your favorite shade of brown?

Posted at 12:19pm Aug 31, 2011 EDT

A special request from the winner of my first giveaway:

Posted at 10:23am Sep 2, 2011 EDT