LA Mastermind Artrepreneurs Call for creatives! Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk 5/10/12

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Visual Artist
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Original Post


I am taking vendor applications for the May 10th Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, and there are two spaces remaining. I've been doing this since February and its loads of fun. I am a creative and I bring in other vendors to split the rental fee. I run a pop-up boutique every month.

For the May 10th Downtown LA Art Walk, we have requested to move to a premium retail space in the front of the venue. We need to fill the spots really early to pay for the space since we reserved it in advance. If you are interested in vending please email me back or fill out a new application. Feel free to apply even if you don't have a sellers permit. Also, please forward this email to your creative friends if you think this might be a good fit. If they don't have a sellers permit I will cover others with mine (in case the city inspector drops in).

All types of handmade items will be considered, though no art or items can be screwed or nailed on the walls this month (venue's rule - I think the walls are cement). We have already reserved space #5004 - which I was told would be 11'w x 17'L x 10'h.

PARTICIPATION COST: You pay your fee based on table size. The fee for a 6 foot table spot is $75, and the 4 ft table spots are $60. I have one 4 ft table available to loan out as long as I get it back at the end of the night.

ADDTL INFO: We will be running a Mother's Day special for 20% of listed prices.

Application is here:

Posted at 12:01pm Apr 19, 2012 EDT


BUMPDATE: We have one space remaining for the May 10th Art Walk. $60 gets you a prime location. We are sending out an e-flyer soon so get in while you can and your name will be on the flyer.

Posted at 10:41am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Ok, more details about next week. :)


We've got some amazing stuff lined up and we're lucky enough to be smack dab in the middle of Art Walk! This time we're vying for a more premium spot so that we're easier to find.

Thursday, May 10th from 5-11pm in downtown Los Angeles

we bring you the Pop-up Handmade Boutique!

Located on the corner of 4th and Main at the Medallion

@ 334 South Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

We are in space #334-5004

This month we are running a MOTHERS DAY SALE - 20% off!
Come visit and take home jewelry, accessories, clothing, and more for the mommy in your life.

We are also hosting a RAFFLE for a mother's day gift basket worth up to $100 in items provided by our creatives. Tickets are only $1. Get as many tickets as you can because at 10:15pm we're announcing the winner! It could be YOU.

Handmade Boutique Creatives:

MyDaniMonster Jewelry (hosting)
The Ring Baron (RedSeth) - glass fusion pendants
Beautiful Baubles
Unique Inspirations
Sabel Designs

and room for one more 4' table if anyone is interested - $60 and if you put an item in the pool for the gift basket you can make back some of your booth fee.

Posted at 3:34pm May 2, 2012 EDT