safeteam SAFEteam thread for 9/5-9/18... Get some coffee and let's talk soap

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SAFETeam members are those who actively MAKE and sell bath/body and candle products and accessories for each in their active Etsy shop. People of all experience levels are welcome and encouraged to join.

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Original Post

SAFEteam says

The Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy (SAFE) team is a group of soap makers committed to excellence and best manufacturing practices on Etsy. We are open to soapers of all levels, from the hobbyist to the well-established seller, including those who create other bath & body products such as lotions, balms, butters and sprays. We continually strive to perfect our craft and educate ourselves and others about the best practices a soaper must follow both to remain in compliance with FDA laws and to ensure quality products. We are a team that takes great pride in our craft – as it is a blend of both science and art.

We are also FRIENDS. As such, we value and insist upon respect to all members. We are a world-wide group and run the spectrum of beliefs, cultures, and political leanings, so opinions and personalities will differ ... this is expected and respected. We ask that everyone is treated with courtesy and kindness

Posted at 9:54am Sep 5, 2011 EDT


SAFEteam says

(___)3 Happy Labor Day Monday. Make it great.

Posted at 9:56am Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Anhoki says

Thank you both. :~)

tgurleybathandbody says

An - Michael and I think your new chime is gorgeous. We both think you need to leave the back alone - it's beautiful girl!!!!

Posted at 10:05am Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Good morning everyone!

Posted at 10:52am Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Good morning safeteam! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend. :)

Yesterday I listed a few things in my jewelry shop

And this one is a piece I made for myself. The pendant I bought here in Tucson about 6 years ago when I was first house hunting around here.

Posted at 11:41am Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Good Labor Day, Monday morning to everyone!

We're under severe thunderstorm warnings around here today. It's supposed to be about 95 and it's overcast....HUMID!!! Sounds like a nice day to stay in an make things!!!

Nan, your jewelry is so pretty and I LOVE the piece you made for yourself. The pendant on it is so elegant!!

Good morning, Nurturebody!

Tracey, I hope your hubby starts feeling better quickly. We have our stash of black elderberry extract, echynacia (sp?) and vitamin C all lined up and ready! LOL

Good morning, An! Are more chimes in your agenda for today??

Posted at 12:18pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Anhoki says

I love Nancy's jewelry.

I AM making chimes today. It's been raining for about 18 hours now so there's not much we can do outside. I sold the chimes I was struggling with so I can't change their look. Not sad about it either. :~)

Yesterday I cut over 100 pieces of glass. I double drilled and sanded over half of them and am slowly working on the rest today. I keep changing the design in my head and that is NOT productive. I like the kaleidescope concept and plan to expand on that a little bit. I may not do another double one though. That beast is heavy. Anyway.... I'm back to grinding. XO

Posted at 2:20pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Oooh, An, I just read on FB that someone bought the wind chimes in your avitar! That's so great!!!

Posted at 2:44pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT

An, that is so cool that you sold the Kaleidoscope Windchimes so fast!! Not surprised. :)

Thanks for the kind words about my jewelry. ;)

Posted at 2:56pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Evening all. Just popping in for the first time. My Mom and Dad showed up this am just as I was getting out of the shower!!! and just now headed back home. That was a bit of a surprise...but they feed us lunch and mom brought stuff and made me molten lava chocolate cake for my b-day :D (not til Wed) and pink fluffies! I love pink fluffies.

Posted at 6:35pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT