Treasury League Discussions

Who can join?

Treasury League is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Please read before applying:

Applicants must have a minimum of 15 well photographed items in their shop & have enough recent treasuries for us to determine their curating skill.


1. Create 5 treasuries a month, each one featuring a minimum of six (6) members within the first three (3) rows of the treasury.

2. Do not use two items from the same shop in your treasuries and do not include your own listings. A few of our members have more than one shop. Please try to avoid using more than one shop for each member.

3. Tag each of your treasuries tleague.

4. Submit your treasuries in the relevant month's Treasury thread and in the Google spreadsheet link located at the beginning of each month's Treasury thread.

5. View, comment and share teammate's treasuries even when not featured.

6. Support the team by sharing your treasuries in your preferred social media.

7. Regularly check in to the Team Forum for announcements and to help support the team, welcome new members, and celebrate accomplishments.

Team leadership reserves the right to revoke membership at anytime. Members will be reviewed at the end of each month to ensure they are still a good fit for the team.

Members must follow the Etsy TOUs at all times!

Many of our categories are currently full so we may not be able to accept your application right away even if you are a good fit for the team. We will keep these applications pending for future consideration. Please do not take it personally if we cannot accept your application.

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