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Original Post

*~25,000 people being the amount of watchers we have

So I'm an admin for a group called I Love Photography Club
It's got quit the following. Anywho, I write most of the blogs, and as such, I can feature your work on our blogs. If you want to be featured in an interview (for example: ) just note me ( a few answers, and throw in your Etsy url if you want. So um yeah...that's about it. Feel free to note me anything else too.

Posted at 4:42pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT


Does anyone wanna be featured? .__.

Posted at 4:31pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

Amber Skychild from ThekawaiiOD says
Edited on Apr 15, 2012

That sounds good to me :) i am in ... Oh I just saw for Photographers :(

Posted at 2:41pm Apr 15, 2012 EDT

Cool. If you guys could just note me (ksouthv2) the answers to these questions:
1) How did you first get started into photography
2) Who and what are your influences
3) Have you ever been published or received a DD? If so, what piece? (include the thumbnail if you want).
4) What kind of education do you have in photography, or are you self-taught
5) Have you ever worked in the field of photography
6) Do you think it's important to have a philosophy
7) What advice would you give to an upcoming photographer
It would be appreciated. I'll be sure to throw in your Etsy URL :D

So far the blogs average around 1,000 pageviews. Also Amber, if you want, you can answer the questions too. Just sub in photographers for whatever your craft may be. I'll be sure to post it as I'm a bit low on interview's

Posted at 9:02am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

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