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Original Post

Hi! I'm mostly a jewelery artist, but lately I've been kind of obsessed with the idea of etching copper, pulling a limited edition of prints from it, then cutting up the plate and turning it into jewelry.

I have a pasta mill that I've made crude prints from in the past:

It'd be neat if I could use it for etched plate printing also, but I'm open to experimenting.

Does anyone have any tutorials they'd recommend on getting started pulling prints from etched copper with a minimum of specialized tools? Should I be doing relief printing or intaglio printing?

Posted at 3:01 pm May 12, 2011 EDT


HI I have etched copper and have had extensive training on litho on limestone ancient I am. I am going to take a shot and say that you can ink up a copper etching and roller over the paper. I bought a hand roller its a rubber rolling pin for like 5 dollars. I am thinking maybe old printer rollers will work too hmm experimentation old dead printer around? tear out that roller lol

printing ink is a must cause it dries differently

I would suggest that you try a simple design not a lot of detail as etching is not very deep you would have to mask areas you did not want on the print so that ink will not take to them. On limestone we used gum arabic. not sure if office supply white out would work you may have to try out a few things but in any case let me know how it goes.

Posted at 8:09 am May 14, 2011 EDT

VIZArt says

if you don't have an etching press you won't be able to get a good intaglio print so relief is probably the way to go. i have one made one relief etching. i used a very hard roller to ink it and that seemed to work fine. i used a sharpie paint pen for the design then etched the copper in perchloride. make sure the plate is grease free before you draw because the paint pen is not the most stable resist.

Posted at 12:27 pm May 15, 2011 EDT

Thanks for the ideas!

Posted at 3:28 pm May 15, 2011 EDT

VIZArt says

for printing relief prints you might build this press

Posted at 5:58 pm May 15, 2011 EDT

On copper I use a sharpie and brass I use a autograph pen metallic silver as I also sign prints so it comes in handy as my drawing tool and use the ferric chloride set from radio shack for etching copper electronics plates you get a nice plastic box 2 copper plates and enough acid to etch a lot of metal :) it was 10 bucks last I looked but harder to find check out radio shacks in your area may even be on clearance I am a cheapskate lol

Posted at 8:08 am May 25, 2011 EDT

Crown Point Press published several books on intaglio that are very easy to read, and include lots of pictures with examples and action shots.

Good Luck!

Posted at 9:35 pm Mar 18, 2012 EDT

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