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Original Post

alofashion says

Hi Everyone,

I have no idea if I'm posting this in the right part, as etsy has changed around forums something shocking.

Alittle while ago, australia post was slugging us with extra $9 on top of the $15 or so odd dollars to post an item over 500grams.

I went to A.P today, and asked if they were still charging the $9 and they said this has stopped - was only over christmas period.

Hope this helps everyone, (and is correct) please let me know if you have heard anything else.

Posted at 7:45pm Feb 20, 2011 EST


bibsnbobs says


My local post office told me it was a permanent charge $9 over half a kilo. Outrageous if you ask me.

Fortunatly my items are quite small.

Posted at 5:12pm Feb 22, 2011 EST

Every post office seems to have different rules! Frustrating!

Posted at 5:20pm Feb 22, 2011 EST

alofashion says

oooh thats crap. My items have only been 250g-300g, but they told me they werent slugging the $9 at all.. grrr.

Posted at 3:44am Feb 28, 2011 EST

malidolls says

today i sent something that's less than 100g ( a little soft toy in a letter size envelope) and i was charged for 10 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!


why why WHY

Posted at 10:57am Apr 14, 2011 EDT

I know tiffany - its very painful. I sent a pincushion to the us the other day - $10 +

It will be the same for a mini pincushion - I doubt I'll sell any overseas. The postage is more than the item. Crazy!

Posted at 5:36pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

malidolls says

i know >.<

i ate up the postage yesterday which make me earn almost nothing from that sale.....

i really don't like the flat rate idea!

Posted at 5:04am Apr 15, 2011 EDT

I saw a sign for the extra $9 when I was at the post office last week. Soooo expensive! Thankfully shoe clips aren't too heavy :)

Posted at 5:32am Apr 15, 2011 EDT