Keeping Up With CPSIA Children's clothing requirements???

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Original Post

I know this has been asked before. I did look at the previous posts but still not sure. I have been selling on Etsy on and off for a couple of years. I am planing on selling more but want to make sure that I am legal and in compliance. I know there are so many boutiques out there that sell clothing and it makes me wonder if they do follow all the compliance requirements.

I make children's clothing and accessories from bibs, blankets, clothing (I try to use snaps like they use in cloth diapers instead of buttons). Some clothing I make and some are premade blanks that I embellish. I do have a company label that I attach and I am looking at purchasing the size labels. Do I need a care label with materials used? What else should I include? I also wanted to know if my products would need to be sent for testing. What if I use zippers or buttons?

I want to make sure I am doing the right thing before I start making more to sell and list. I am hoping to do wholesale in the future as well. My small size business is hoping to get a little bigger. :-)


Posted at 9:48 am Mar 7, 2013 EST



I've had internet issues today, and this will be my 3rd attempt at answering your question.

If you want to do wholesale, you definately need to register with You will benefit from a some exemptions from have to 3rd party test, and can use vendor supplier testing certifications if they are needed. B & M stores need to ascertain that everything they sell comply with the CPSIA and need to have a Certificate of compliance for each item. As a seller you would need to provide that Certificate with each shipment that tells them you are registered and comply with all laws and regulations covering your products.

Yes you need FTC labels. I get mine from North West Tag. I buy their stock woven ribbon care and size labels. They comply with FTC law and meet CPSIA exemption standards. The quantities are generous and the pricing is reasonable, and give a professional appearance.

I make my own CPSIA tracking labels using June Tailor sew in fabric for computors. I print them using my Ink Jet printer with CMYK ink (exempt from testing) Tracking labels are mandatory for all children's products.

I also have a woven ribbon brand label.

Posted at 5:01 pm Mar 7, 2013 EST

Thank you Beverly. I need to order tags and was not sure which ones to get. I know that a lot of women I know that sell online only have label tags. No care tags.

Can I use a hang tag as a care tag. I hate having all the labels on outfits I make especially if they are reversible. I like using iron on tags as well. If shirts that I embroider have their own care tags, I presume I do not have to attach another one. It is for those items/blanks that I embroider.

Thanks again.

Posted at 8:25 pm Mar 9, 2013 EST

Hang tags, yes and no. It depends. I have pinned the links to the FTC care and content laws. I suggest you print them out, highlight the areas that pertain to your products. It can be slightly comples.

Posted at 12:21 pm Mar 10, 2013 EDT

Tiny Ruiz says

Beverly where do you get your woven ribbon labels from?

Posted at 12:59 pm Mar 13, 2013 EDT for the FTC and size tags. Great price, great quality and quantity for the money. for by brand tags.

Posted at 1:19 pm Mar 13, 2013 EDT

Tiny Ruiz says

Thank you very much

Posted at 4:10 pm Mar 13, 2013 EDT

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