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Original Post

does anyone know of a place I can get CPSIA compliant alligator clips for hair bows? I cover them with ribbon, but they're not completely enclosed. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted at 5:07 pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT


I get mine online from Hip Girl can download the test results from their website. Hope that helps!

Posted at 5:16 pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Fantastic! Thank you!

Posted at 5:40 pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

Not all products need to be tested. Hair clips appear to be one of those that doesn't need to be. Weird, but headbands, some hats don't require it.

Posted at 10:44 pm Mar 22, 2010 EDT

GracefullyGirly, do you know if hair barrette need to be tested? Where did you read that they don't need to be?

Posted at 3:07 pm Mar 23, 2010 EDT


GracefullyGirly says:
Not all products need to be tested. Hair clips appear to be one of those that doesn't need to be. Weird, but headbands, some hats don't require it.

Can you show me where it says that in the CPSIA?

Posted at 5:27 pm Mar 23, 2010 EDT

GracefulGirly--Unfortunately you are misinformed.

The metal components used in making hair accessories (clippies, barrettes, headbands, French barrettes, bobby pins, alligator clips, etc) absolutely need to be tested for lead to comply with CPSIA regulations. The ribbon on the bows, headbands and clippies is an exempt product if it is a woven ribbon and doesn't have screen-printed inks applied on top. Everything else (metal components, adhesives, non-slip grips, embellishments) have to comply with CPSIA regulations for lead and pthalate.

Posted at 9:06 pm Mar 23, 2010 EDT

Hair Hardware is a great resource for hair accessory components and you can download all compliance certificates after purchase. Hope that helps!

Posted at 9:07 pm Mar 23, 2010 EDT

sweetbird, You're right, I was be misinformed. I just found where I read it in the forums but I missed a crucial point made by you, in fact. Funny.

"If I read the CPSIA information correctly, some items are exempt from the items exclusively worn on the head (headbands, hair clips, hats... except if the product is made of wool.) CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG jewelrydesignsbyME!"

It was labels, not testing. In my excitement I misunderstood. No such luck! And, thanks, I didn't feel slammed to bits by you for being wrong.

Posted at 11:25 am Mar 24, 2010 EDT

Gracefullygirly, you are getting the CPSIA and FTC mixed up. So you are wrong.

Hats do not need FTC labels. FTC labels are different and are controlled by a different agency. The Federal Trade Commission sets these laws.

The CPSC, the Consumer Product Safety Commission controls the regulations for the law known as the CPSIA, the Consumer Product Safety Improvment Act.

Hats, headbands, hairclips, barrettes for children, do need CPSIA Labels. But, if the item is too small the needed CPSIA information may go on the packaging or a tag attached to the hairclip etc.

The metal findings for hair accessories do in fact need testing UNLESS, you have the certifications that contain the testing data from your suppliers. In fact all your supplies need to be certified unless they are on the exempt from testing list.

I don't think you need to call out sellers that are only trying give you correct informaion, when you appear to not understand what the laws are.

Posted at 2:13 pm Mar 24, 2010 EDT

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