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Original Post

teaman says

Hello folks, below are my newest hand blended tea samplers, which include all of my latest blends. These tea samplers are delicious and healthy!

**Super Sampler with 49 blends, 245 teabags total**

**Iced Tea Lovers sampler 18 blends, 90 teabags total**

**Herbal and Decaf Sampler 15 blends, 75 teabags total**

**Fresh N Fruity sampler 26 blends, 130 teabags total**

**Variety sampler 15 blends, 75 teabags total**
**Black tea lovers sampler 18 blends, 90 teabags total**
**Green tea/White tea sampler 18 blends, 90 teabags total**

Check out my March Special:

Purchase $7.50 or more from my shop before shipping and receive 10 hand blended Darjeeling/Ceylon black teabags FREE......lesser purchases will receive 5 of them!

Posted at 3:21 am Mar 11, 2011 EST


teaman says

I would love to see your latest!

Posted at 7:28 pm Mar 11, 2011 EST

teaman, they all look so delicious! My new item is a hair pin set called Frolicking in the Forest:

The first few buyers get a free pair of butterfly stud earrings as well. WOOP!

Posted at 7:31 pm Mar 11, 2011 EST

teaman says

Very pretty moncherie!

Posted at 3:45 pm Mar 25, 2011 EDT

Here's my newest listing.
Also, I will be posting some quilts soon, so keep your eyes open. I just have to finish binding them and get pictures. So it will probably be later today and tomorrow I will add them.

Posted at 4:21 pm Mar 25, 2011 EDT

teaman says

Isamarml and threadsandthings, you both have some wonderful creations!

Posted at 4:42 pm Mar 25, 2011 EDT

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