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Hi Ijust

Nice to see you in our group. Yes I remember it well having young children and trying to get things done lol. Had two on the go boys who literally just went and went.

But guess what I now have survived to see them grow up lol and even through teenage years and them both getting to over 6 ft tall. Now they have their own children and I realise how sleep deprived I must have looked when they were their childrens ages.

Will take a peek at susie's store.


Posted at 6:37am Jan 18, 2011 EST

Hi Kristina

In regards to tracking I just don't do it because of the cost. I have it explained to purchasers in my policies page.

I have selling and purchasing items since the 80's online and never had a parcel go missing to an overseas destination or to me. So if someone asks you just tell them the cost and if they want that option they will pay for it.

I hope this helps.


Posted at 6:42am Jan 18, 2011 EST

Hi Lorna, sorry I haven't checked this for a while. We've been house hunting :) I actually sent a wholesale order off to France last week and asked how much it would cost. I need died - $72!!!!!!!

That is sooo obscene don't you think. He was ready to charge me parcel rate too but told him to put it through the letter thingo so glad I caught that in time. So yes, I won't be using registered and I doubt anyone will ask me to.

Posted at 5:04pm Jan 29, 2011 EST

Samiramina says

hi there!
i live at helensvale and i just recently started the whole etsy, creative crafty sewing adventure. i am in love with all colors, the more colors the better, i looove the hippie, indian, sparkle, mirrors, bells style, i am addicted to handbags, little cute pouches etc. and i love sewing owl cushions :)

check out my shop and my website for more...

happy to have found this team :)


Posted at 2:12am Mar 15, 2011 EDT

Hi Theresa, I love Etsy. It's having some ups and downs with changes but I still enjoy having a shop on here. Seems to me one of the biggest secrets for success on here is making sure people know you are on here. I'm in the throws of packing up a house to move right now so I've dropped off a bit but plug away at it and hopefully you will do well :)

Posted at 1:24am Mar 16, 2011 EDT

Hi all you Gold Coast crafties, so exciting to see that there is a collective of creative people in my neighbourhood. I am just at the beginning, and dipping my toe into the Etsy pond to test it all out, and only have a couple of things listed in my shop, just some little rings, but I do make all sorts of creative things, like crocheted items, kidswear, totes, scarves, jewellery. As I get better at understanding this Etsy business I will hopefully add to my wares.

This is a fantastic idea, and great to see so many creative endeavours. Is anyone on here a member of a local craft group, or know of one that exists in the Southern Gold Coast area?

Posted at 5:50am Apr 7, 2012 EDT

Hello fellow coaster. I have been here for a few years and it is terrific to see the number os Aussie stalls grow.

Posted at 1:38am Jun 10, 2012 EDT

Oooh Ahh, who knew the Gold Coast held such a wealth of creative brilliance, well perhaps you did, but certainly not me!
Lovely to meet you all, this is just an attempt to dip my toes in the Etsy pool, and see how it goes for me. I have a grand total of ONE items in my shop at present, but now that it is up and running, will add to it with all sorts of treasures for little people.
Thanks for the support, would love to network with likeminded GC creatives.

Posted at 10:15am Aug 30, 2012 EDT

Hi there Nice to meet you all.
My name is Debbie and I am sooooo new to Etsy! Less than a week!! I am so pleased to see other Gold Coasters on here :)
Feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all at the mo...........I feel like nobody knows I''m here!! I know, I know it's early days......but I am so impatient lol

I have uploaded my first 13 items....(maybe I should do 12 or 14...unlucky 13!!) I noticed all the comments re. postage costs.....this too concerns me but I am sure if people want something bad enough they will pay the postage whatever...well within reason....I know I would!

Does anybody list items and leave the postage costs off?......maybe a note about 'Please contact me for a postage quote'

So much to learn but I am sure it will be much more fun knowing there's peeps like me nearby :O)

Posted at 2:27am Sep 18, 2012 EDT

Hello all! My name's Caitlan and I am currently living in Japan but am planning on moving to the Gold Coast in the next couple of months.

I currently sew clutch purses, make jewellery and have recently started carving my own stamps. I'm planning on adding plenty more to my store in the coming months, especially when I get back to Australia and get my stash back!

I've never lived on the Gold Coast before, my partner will be going to Grifith Uni so if any one can recommend any good areas to live / good markets please convo me! I'd love any advice!

My plan is to work part time next year and really dedicate my time to getting my handmade business started! Haha so if you know of any creative part time jobs coming up in January that would be great too!

I'll be keeping an eye out for any meet and greets / craft groups as I can't wait to make some new friends!

Also in regards to Etsy not being all that well known, what if at markets / where ever you sell we created a little orange Etsy flag to hang up, really raise some awareness? It would make it easier to meet members of the Etsy community too ;)

Posted at 10:49am Sep 23, 2012 EDT