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Original Post

I think I would be great for all of us to connect with one another on FB. Let's "like" each others etsy facebook pages. If you don't have one already, it's simple and easy to set up if you are already on FB. I will start first. Here is it:

Posted at 1:46am Jan 21, 2012 EST


Great idea. Just liked your page. By the way, your stuff is fabulous.. I don't think I had seen it yet.

Here is mine:!/LindsayLouCreations

Posted at 7:56pm Jan 23, 2012 EST

I have a question! I set up a business facebook page but don't seem to be able to "like" anyone else's page. It appears that I need to link it to my personal facebook page to do that? But I really wanted to keep my personal and business separate. Does anyone know if that is possible? Thanks!

Posted at 8:47am Jan 28, 2012 EST

We are giving away a hand-embroidered handkerchief (of your choice, including our adoption handkerchiefs) to one of our Facebook fans - when we reach 100 "Likes."

Our Facebook page is:
You can also Like the page directly from our shop. Thans and good luck!

Posted at 7:08pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

@Glasshouse Jewelry,

This is Rebecca (Vickie's daughter). In FB, if you look at the top right of your screen, there is a little arrow next to the word Home. Click on that arrow and it will give you the option to "Use Facebook As..." Choose your page. Then anything you "Like" will show up as your page rather than your personal profile. It will also show up in your page's newsfeed when you click Home. To switch back, just click the arrow again and select your personal profile.

However, we discovered that when you "Like" something from your page, it does not show up in their count. If you want to boost someone's page ratings, you will need to like it from your personal account.

I hope this helps.

Posted at 11:20am Feb 10, 2012 EST

Dana N from twelve2 says

I'm not sure if all those were still current, but I "liked" them all! Would love to share more and get this discussion going again.

Here's mine:

Going to have a giveaway on Monday for March Madness - be sure to look for it!

Posted at 8:47pm Mar 14, 2013 EDT

I started a specialty item auction today! It is all things that I made from my shop, on my FB page, so like my page at the same time! All proceeds go towards our adoption! Please check it out!

Posted at 12:25pm Mar 16, 2013 EDT