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Original Post

Julia Fantini from vinylwalldesign says
Edited on Apr 14, 2012

Hello team,
I just got an email from a customer, she was given a large tree decal as a present, put it on the wall and now it's peeling off :(
I know it happens sometimes, she sent me pictures and the wall doesn't look textured or rough so it might be the paint.
What would you do now? It's not my fault and it's not her fault (unless the wall was just painted which I'm going to ask now)
If she says the wall is not rough and the paint is not new what would you do?
How would you answer politely explaining that surface types can vary and it's above my control?

Posted at 6:09 am Apr 14, 2012 EDT


This is always the risk sending out decals for customer installation. From the installations I've done there have been a few reasons why the vinyl doesn't adhere:
1) dust on the wall, this is the number one reason
2) type of paint and texture of wall (rest graphic usually helps this situation)
3) graphic is too large and heavy and falls off the wall
4) touching the adhesive on the back of the graphic with your fingers leaving oil on the glue making the graphic not adhere

So far my policy has been to split the cost with the client for a new graphic just to cover shipping and part of the material cost and time. I haven't had to replace a large graphic yet, so not sure how I would handle that. So far I've just visited with the client about all the possible reasons the installation isn't working and usually we come to a common conclusion. As long as your pro active that is all you can do.

Good Luck,
Vicki "SignGal"
**I've had 2 people really struggle with wall graphics (my brother and aunt) both have installed high performance outdoor sign graphics and just expected the adhesion to be stronger and thought something was wrong (turns out they were just not patient enough).

Posted at 12:06 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

I've spoken to her and she wants a total refund. She said the wall is not freshly painted and the surface is not rough. The sticker is like all others so the product is fine, what should I do?

Posted at 7:27 pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT

That is a tough one, in my hometown I would just give her a refund so bad press doesn't hurt my business. If it was just a little graphic I would give her a refund and walk away from the situation. Being such a large graphic it is an expense on your part to give her a full refund. I maybe would counter offer with a partial refund or replacing the product, explaining that you just want material cost covered. Without being at the point of installation I feel it is really hard for us as vendors to know if it is the product, wall or installer. From my experience with employees over the last 8 years I'm surprised half of my customer can install the graphics. I've had a few employees that just couldn't install vinyl so we had to mutually agree the job wasn't a fit for them.

Posted at 2:41 pm Apr 17, 2012 EDT

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