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Original Post

Hi Everyone,
In one of the other teams we belong to they started a thread called What is you favorite item in the shop above? Or something similar. How it works is this: since I am the first shop on this thread someone would go to my shop and pick their favorite item and tell why they like it. Then someone else can pick something from that person's shop etc. It goes on like that and it gets you looking at everyone's shop and everyone looking at yours. I hope you understand. I don't think I explained it very well. Let me know if you have any questions.
Now, anyone game?

Posted at 11:51pm Apr 20, 2011 EDT


NyeDesigns says

Hello VanillaExtinction,
I think this is a wonderful idea! I had a hard time picking a favorite from your shop (so many beautiful photos! Mom is quite talented!) but I decided on A Bugs Life...

The reason I like this photo are because 1. the colors are so beautiful and vivid, 2. it is a very unique subject (I can't recall any other beautiful bugs I've seen), and 3. I REALLY love the description, very thoughtful and it makes me appreciate the photo even more.

:) Sarah (and Nancy too!)

Posted at 3:50am Apr 21, 2011 EDT

Hello VanillaExtinction, and thankyou for the invitation.

I had no trouble picking a favourite, and finding lots of inspiration for future treasuries. I love 'Tranquil Midnight' because it is a waterlilly, because of the stunning contrast and because I once did an illustration with waterlillies and love their intricacy.

Posted at 9:12pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT
I love layered necklaces and the green aventurine is so pretty! :)
This mask is awesome - I love peacock feathers! :)

Posted at 10:54pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

artsyEVE says

Here's one of my favorites from CoolWaterGems. Beautiful items!

Posted at 3:22pm Jun 27, 2011 EDT

artsyEVE says

Great old Volkswagon--ahh, those were the days!

Posted at 11:30pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT

I like the light colors of this item, it seems so ethereal, nice!

Posted at 6:31pm Dec 10, 2011 EST