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Original Post

TheDorothyDays says
Edited on Oct 17, 2011

Hi everyone :)
Thought I would start a new discussion for all questions you may have about a vintage item. Questions about how much something is worth, how to care for the item, what an item is, some information about the item, dating it etc can all be asked here :) and hopefully someone will be able to help!

Posted at 4:32 pm Oct 17, 2011 EDT


This post has been removed.

Posted at 4:33 pm Oct 17, 2011 EDT

VintMod says

Just so you know, the links do not work.

Not that I would be able to help much on jewelry beads. :-(

Posted at 5:27 pm Oct 17, 2011 EDT

Thats weird, they were working earlier. Thanks for letting me know

Posted at 5:29 pm Oct 17, 2011 EDT

Ok, well I have a question....!
I am trying to research the prices of some vintage china without much luck and I am hoping someone will be able to help me.

There are two pieces. One a creamer and the other one a sugar bowl with lid both by Wedgwood and the pattern is Caernarvon. Does anyone have any idea how much these should be priced at. I know the pattern is pretty rare and it was only produced for a very short period of time. Both are in absolutely mint condition.


Posted at 5:20 pm Oct 19, 2011 EDT

Susan from VintMod says

Have you checked out Replacements dot com's web site? There are some on there. That gives you a ballpark figure of what they're worth.

Of course, having dishes, I never price as high as them. Not knowing how much you acquired them for, I don't really want to give a figure. You're selling as an independent seller rather than a business that specializes in dishes, plus you want to remain competitive. At least that site will tell you what they're asking.

Posted at 7:19 pm Oct 19, 2011 EDT

I also use replacements' website as a starting point. I also find their prices very high and make sure I price significantly lower than them.

Posted at 10:50 pm Oct 20, 2011 EDT

Thank you both for the replies. comes up with a very high price for the items which is exciting but obviously they are overpriced and I will want to price lower than that. Not sure where would be the best place to sell them, ebay or an auction house. Any opinions? and what to put the starting bid at. Thanks again :)

Posted at 9:46 am Oct 23, 2011 EDT

Susan from VintMod says

Auction houses vary in the quality they sell. Find the higher end ones and talk to them. High end buyers aren't as plentiful as they once were so they may be able to give you an idea of what it'll sell it if it does go to auction based on past sales.

You can also sell directly to replacements but they only give you a fraction of what they sell for. eBay may be the way to go. You may also want to google sites that sell pottery and dinnerware other than Replacements. Sites that act as a middleman only in terms of taking a percentage rather than buying outright from you, then selling at a major profit.

Posted at 9:22 pm Oct 24, 2011 EDT

Does anyone know anything about vintage costume jewelry? I just spent a few hours pointlessly searching websites for a makers mark that matches this one here:
I've gotten myself one heck of a headache trying to figure out the mark and my frustration level is maxed out.

thank you in advance!


Posted at 1:08 pm Oct 27, 2011 EDT

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