Spotlight On Supplies I need to vent! Disappearing picture in shop front page!

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Original Post

What is going on today on etsy?? Listings not loading, search ads delayed, etc...
Can't they get their systems to work correctly for once?
Now, as I am one among the large group of forum 'perma-muted' etsians, I can't even post a problem in the bugs section !!!! Sending emails to etsy is a waste of time, they take ages to answer. Before, when I had a problem, I posted in the 'bugs' forum ans usually got a nice reply and advice on how to proceed. Now I can't even request that ... that is the kind of customer service they are offering us?
Kind of "don't ask, we don't want to hear from you" attitude.
I have a problem with the picture for my item not showing on the shop page, but it is there when you look at the item page. Very weird. I tried editing it, but does not work.

Posted at 11:24pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT


Maybe some nice person could ask the question for me in the 'bugs' forum, pretty please........

Posted at 11:26pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT

looks like it's fixed? let me know, if not...You're muted? really?!

Posted at 4:11pm Sep 28, 2011 EDT

BeadCasita says

that muting stuff truly sucks. i know so many muted. i can see the photo when i click on it so assuming its fixed. we can post questions for you though.

Posted at 11:17pm Sep 28, 2011 EDT

No, it is not fixed. It shows a blank white square on the shop front page, but when you click on the item, all the pictures I posted are there. So I can't figure out what prevents it from appearing on the shop general page.

Being perma-muted for ever and ever from the forum is more than just not being able to communicate with others on all subjects that are brought up, but it also prevents you from receiving normal customer service like everyone else. A real strange way to do business!!!

Posted at 5:05pm Sep 29, 2011 EDT

crochetgal says

I see it on your shop front now and when I click on it, I also see all the images .

Posted at 5:09pm Sep 29, 2011 EDT

Good, you see it on my shop page, so I imagine others do too ... but it is still blank on mine. Weird.

Posted at 11:04pm Sep 29, 2011 EDT