British Sellers on Etsy Craft fair public liability insurance, any advice?

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Original Post

Hello, I'm hoping to do some craft fairs and I have been told by a person running craft fairs in my area that I need public liability insurance. Can anyone recommend a provider for me? Or how much it should cost?

Posted at 6:14pm Jan 21, 2011 EST


abscraft says

I use Artist Newsletter, the subscription for the magazine also offers insurance in the's around £32.
I used to use G...Umber (or something like that) for about £60 for a craft starter insurance.

Posted at 6:27pm Jan 21, 2011 EST

Thanks a lot I'll try them.

Posted at 7:06pm Jan 21, 2011 EST

if you want to pay monthly go for direct-line small business.

It has lots of extras like stock theft etc...

Posted at 7:41am Jan 22, 2011 EST

I use this insurance -

For both my product and public liability for fairs, teaching, demoing everything. I also have my studio contents insurance with them.

Posted at 7:43am Jan 22, 2011 EST

Although Ian Wallace is the broker, it's actually an Aviva policy.

Posted at 7:45am Jan 22, 2011 EST

Yes Public liability insurance is essential especially if you intend to have a stall in say a market or hall run by a local authority.When I stopped doing them it had become compulsory for all stall holders,regular or casual to have it.I paid something in the region of £75.00 per year;which I thought expensive and still do compared with those prices abscraft posted.

Posted at 8:29am Jan 22, 2011 EST

Thanks for the advice. Am itching to do a craft fair and your advice has been very useful.

Posted at 9:00am Jan 22, 2011 EST

SoozJewels says

I pay £92 a year through the National Market Traders Federation. As well as public liability insurance, it also gives me membership of a lobby group that has some power with politicians, product liability cover (if someone injures themselves on one of my items) and also employer's liability (if I pay someone to man my stall). All of these are essential in my opinion. (7 years experience at craft fairs).

Posted at 2:05pm Jan 22, 2011 EST

Yes mine was with the same as SoozJewels I see it is now £92! I see though you have brought out additional but essential benefits I had forgotten.

Posted at 2:13pm Jan 22, 2011 EST

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