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Original Post

I have a bit of confusion with setting up my shipping cost! More than likely I missed the explanation somewhere. The "shipping cost" is the cost to ship and "with another item" is the amount additional to the shipping cost if another item is added, correct? I want to make sure this is not supposed to be the price of more than one item!

Posted at 8:24am Jul 28, 2012 EDT


Hi Jocelyn,

You are right, the "with another item" is the added value when shipping both items as opposed to shipping one item.

For more clarification....From Etsy Help:

Combined Shipping allows you to specify a special shipping cost in the event that multiple items are purchased by a shopper from your shop at the same time. Combined Shipping has two elements that you must enter on all listings: primary and secondary shipping costs. The primary shipping cost is the value of shipping the item alone. The secondary shipping cost is the added value when items are purchased and shipped together. The secondary cost applies when a buyer purchases multiple, different listings within your shop at the same time, as well as multiple quantities of the same item.

If you don't want to offer a discounted combined shipping rate, just enter the same amount for the primary and secondary shipping costs.

If you want additional items to ship at no extra charge, enter $0.00 as the secondary shipping cost.

Here's an example of how Combined Shipping works:

Item A:
Primary shipping cost = $2.00
Secondary shipping cost = $0.50
Item B:
Primary shipping cost = $1.00
Secondary shipping cost = $0.75

If Item A and Item B are purchased together, the total Combined Shipping cost to the buyer is $2.75. This is the greater primary shipping cost of the two items (Item A: $2.00) plus the secondary shipping cost of the other item (Item B: $0.75).
If three of of Item A are purchased together, the total Combined Shipping cost to the buyer is $3.00.

Posted at 11:01pm Jul 28, 2012 EDT